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Chinese Government Agrees To Discuss Tibet Issues

High level Chinese officials indicated a new willingness to discuss the situation in Tibet with representatives from the Dalai Lama. “In view of the requests recently made by the Dalai side to resume talks, the relevant officials of the central government will have consultation with Dalai’s private representative.” The Chinese officials stress any discussion will have to deal with ending any protests about the upcoming Olympic games.

The decision to talk with Dalai Lama epresentatives will not result in clearing up all points of dispute, but it certainly opens the door to pursue a path to peace and end current violence.

CNN-We Don’t Like You Says China

The Chinese government has embarked on a vigorous campaign against CNN for its alleged biased reporting of events in Tibet. It is puting out videos such as “Don’t Be Too CNN”which lampoon the TV network for showing footage during the Tibet crackdown by the Chinese government that, most probably, presented incorrect information along with accurate coverage. There is even a song which has lines such as: “Don’t think that repeating something over and over again means lies become truth.” Many people were infuriated by comments that used expressions in describing behavior of Chinese armed forces as being carried out by “goons and thugs.”

The Chinese people are in the midst of a huge outpouring of nationalism and patriotism, most probably sparked by the upcoming Olympic Games. In a sense, the Olympics are the last event that will finally put to rest resentment felt by being oppressed for decades by European imperialists. All nations that were colonized need some such therapeutic event to cleanse their soul of a past that was humiliating. It is unfortunate that CNN presented some incorrect media material.

China Claims Tibetan Youth Threaten Peace!

The Chinese government continues its inept approach to confronting real issues in Tibet by attempting to create a smoke screen to cover up what must be done in that part of the world. The Dalai Lama and the vast majority of Tibetans want some form of local autonomy that would respect their culture and allow people a voice in determining their destiny as members of a shared culture. Instead of engaging in honest dscussion, the latest manifestation of silliness is attempting to sell the world the notion the Tibetan Youth Congress(TYC) is something analogous to al-Qaeda. Shucks, TV coverage even uncovered one of their most heinous crimes, someone cut off the ear of a local businessman!

There were no suicide attacks during the outbreak of violence in Lhasa. Most of the shooting was done by Chinese troops. There is no evidence of blowing up buildings or police stations despite claims of the Chinese government the TYC had explosives. Yes, businesses were burned, people assaulted, and there were demonstrations, but that is a long way from an attempt to overthrow the Chinese government.

China is run by a group of men who have been living within an authoritarian mentality for half a century. They are intellectually and emotionally incapable of engaging in honest discussion with those who disagree with their views. It is time for the Chinese govenment to invite the Dalai Lama to Beijing and initiate discussions which will result in more extensive local autonomy for the people of Tibet.

China Shifts To Conspiracy Theory On Tibet

The Chinese government either does not seek to listen to what the world is saying about what happened in Tibet or it deliberately is seeking to blame outside forces as being responsible for widespread anger at the violence in Tibet. Chinese authorities now claim the entire world wide expression of anger was organized by the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The Foundation, which receives considerable support from the German government, supposedly coordinated its plan with the Dalai Lama to create turmoil in Tibet and thus damage the Olympic Games. The entire operation in Tibet according to this latest manifestation of conspiracy was designed with one end in mind– destroy the Olympic Games and thus damage China’s reputation in the world.

The Chinese government is upset at Chancellor Merkel’s decision to meet with the Dalai Lama and her expression of concern over events in Tibet. A conspiracy approach to world problems only serves to ignore fundamental reasons why people in Tibet are angry and what happened when the world witnessed heavy handed attempts to crush the spirit of the Tibetan people. There is no question Chinese economic investment in Tibet has raised living standards, but failure to recognize the desire for Tibetans to have greater autonomy is a manifestation of the government’s inability to accept the need for greater democracy in the entire nation.

Archbishop Tutu Calls For Olympic Ban

Archbishop Benjamin Tutu called upon nations of the world to refuse attending the Olympic Games in protest for recent outbreaks of violence in Tibet and the refusal of the Chinese government to grant human rights to Tibetans. “For God’s sake,” he told people in San Francisco, “for the sake of our children, the the sake of their children, for the sake of the beautiful people of Tibet– don’t go.” He told Americans to contact “your counterparts in Beijing you wantdd to come but looked at your schedule and realised you have soemthing else to do.” Thousands gathered with him on the streets of San Francisco and shouted: “free Tibet.”

The Olympic Torch will be run through the streets of San Francisco as thousands shout their anger. President Bush insists he will attend the Olympic Games because they are about sports, not politics. s

China Claims Dalai Lama Is Defender Of Serfdom

Jiang Yu, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, denounced the Dalai Lama as one who represents the old feudal serf system of Tibet’s past and is only interested in returning to power so he can once again enjoy the benefits of oppressing the people of Tibet. His only goal, according to Yu, is restoring his “paradise in the past.” She accused the Dalai Lama of formenting recent riots in Tibet as part of his campaign to discredit the people of China who seek to help Tibetans by improving their lives. However, Ms. Yu said her government was more than willing to talk with the Dalai Lama. “Our door to conduct dialogue with the Dalai Lamas was open in the past and is still open.”

If the door is open, then both sides should walk through it and initiate the long overdue dialogue. That is, if the door is really open.

German Chancellor Merkel Will Boycott Olympic Events

German Chancelor Angela Merkel became the first prominent world leader who has decided to boycott opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games to protest China’s brutal suppression of Tibetan protestors. She joins Poland’s prime Minister Donald Trusk and President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic who earlier announced their decisions to avoid being at the opening events of the Olympics in Beijing. “The presence of politicians at the inaugaration of the Olympics seems inappropriate,” said Trusk. Merkel outraged Chinese officials a few months ago by receiving the Dalai Lama and having discussions with the Tibetan leader.

China is too powerful a nation to snub indefinitely. The world may express sorrow at what has transpired in Tibet, but the reality is little can be done to aid the oppressed people of Tibet. Heck, we Americans have been lied to and oppressed by the Bush administration and everyone seems perfectly content to meet with him. No one appears to worry about the Americans who have been brutalized by five years of a war based on lies.

Peace Not Violence In Tibet Urges Chinese Dissident

Wang Lixiong, who has fought for Tibet rights over the years urged his government to recognize their policies to demonize the Dalai Lama and impose Chinese culture on Tibet have failed. Wang, and a group of writers, scholars, artists and lawyers, signed a petition calling on the Chinese government to tone down the rhetoric of anger against Tibet rebels and deal directly with Tibetan leaders in a peaceful manner. He fears “too many people are being inspired by propaganda now to hate the Tibertan people.” Wang Lixiong may be among the few Chinese dissidents who actually have met and talked with the Dalai Lama. He points out that Tibetan leaders are seeking local autonomy, not independence.

China is no longer a weak nation, it stands astride the world as a powerful force in modern times. Perhaps, the present generation of leaders are unable to escape the anger, fear, and uncertainty of life when China struggled in poverty to gain respect. Chinese leaders would become powerful figures to emulate if they entered into peaceful dialogue with Tibetans and created a new model of autonomy for ethnic groups within their nation.

China Rolls Out Propaganda To Blame Tibetan Radicals

The riots have ended in Tibet, at least for the moment, and the Chinese government is in full swing with its campaign to prove they were caused by evil Tibetans who killed fellow Tibetans. The China Daily reports “of the 18 innocent people killed, three were Tibetans, and stores owned by Tibetans and Hui people were also burnt down or looted.” A local Tibet official, Baema Chillain, is quoted as emphsizing that “strangers” forced people to participate in the riots. The story being told by the Chinese media and those friendly to the government is one in which riots were caused by those who are against the interests of the people of Tibet and thanks to the hard work and generosity of the Chinese government everything is back to normal.

Of course, no where is anything mentioned about the deaths of over a hundred people nor of the actions of Chinese police and soldiers to squash the riots. There will be more such stories in the coming weeks of happy Tibetans who have been freed from evil outsiders who caused the entire mess.

China Allows Foreign Media Into Tibet

The Chinese government announced that hundreds of Tibetans who engaged in anti-government protests have surrendered to authorities. State run media reports about 800 people have turned themselves in to the police. Police have a list of about 53 people they seek as instigators of protests and have arrested about 22. At the same time, it is allowing foreign journalists to return to Lhasa, supposedly in hope they will report that peace and calm have returned to the angry nation.

The Chinese government claims that only 22 people died in the riots but Tibetan sources place the figure closer to 140. The uprising was undoubtedly the most violent since China gained control of Tibet. It will be interesting to discover the extent of freedom allowed journalists to speak freely with Tibetans about their feelings and to provide TV footage of damage. The behavior of China in the coming months may well have an impact on whether ther are some forms of protest at opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games.