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China Complains Of Western Media Bias

The Chinese government came out swinging aganst what they termed “Western media bias” which has depicted riots in Tibet as being caused by China and ignores the violent behavior of Tibetan protestors. Many Chinese bloggers are furious at the refusal of the Western media to discuss what they term to be widespread violence and killing on the part of Tibetan demonstrators. For example, Chinese authorities claim BBC carried a picture with the caption: “there is heavy military presence in Lhasa” even though the picture showed a Chinese ambulance. American Fox News was charged with publishing a photo with the caption: “Chinese toops parade handcuffed Tibetan prisoners in trucks” although the photo was that of a policeman from India dragging a man away. There are also charges of Western media showing photos of Nepalese police in riots with Tibetans but captions claim Chinese police are engaged in the activity.

There is undoubtedly some truth in the Chinese complaints about bias. There is no question most people in the West have been furious at the heavy handed Chinese government’s policies toward any form of dissidence. Given that history, it is not shocking Western media outlets would jump at the chance to depict China in an unfavorable light. One solution is for China to grant freedom to Western media and to allow dissidents to openly express their views. Such an approach would begin to dissipate the issue of bias.

Pelosi To China-Ridiculous Charges About Dalai Lama

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi met with the Dalai Lama while on a trip to India and expressed support for his peace efforts and derided charges by the Chinese government that the Dalai Lama was engaged in some nefarious plot to create violence in Tibet. Even as she spoke out in defense of the right of Tibetans to protest, a group of Tibetan protestors in New Dehli entered the compound of the Chnese embassy and overwhelmed the Dehli police who were on guard. The Chinese govenment was furious at the takeover and strongly condemened the Indian government for its failure to provide adequate protection.

Chinese Amassador Zang Yan sharply criticised the Pelosi-Dalai Lama meeting making clear, his government opposes “any coountry, organization and persons to meddle in China’s internal affairs.” Of course, the key issue is whether by occupying Tibet, the Chinese government has meddled in the affairs of an independent nation. There is also the issue of why China will not meet with the Dalai Lama and attempt to work out a compromise that ensures the rights of Tibetans while ensuring Chinese control of Tibet.

China Blankets Tibet With Troops

Large numbers of Chinese troops have been sent to Tibet as its government, in essence, acknowledges the existence of widespread opposition on the part of people in Tibet to the continued presence of Chinese in their nation. Tourists and journalists are not being allowed into most areas of Tibet. Thousands of paramilitary troops abord at least 80 trucks were seen traveling along the main road winding through the mountains into southeastern Tibet. Others set up camps and patrolled streets in riot gear helmets and rifles in the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge. Further north, the town of Zhongdian was being guarded by soldiers who were prepared to use tear gas on any protest group.

The last remaining foreign journalists in Lhasa, Georg Lume of Germany and Kristin Kupfer of Austria were forced to leave in order to impose a blackout on news to the outside world. An offical with the exiled Tibetan government estimates at least 99 are dead and hundreds wounded. The Dalai Lama has publicly offered to meet with Chinese officials in order to work out a peaceful resolution of the situation.

Chinese televison is showing scenes of wild protests and burning on the part of Tibetans but there are no video clips about actions of Chinese troops to quell the riots.

From China With Lies

Chiese Pemier Wen Jiabao told the world things were simply wonderful in Tibet until that horrible notorious war maker, the Dalai Lama, sent his agents into peaceful Lhasa to stir up things. “This incident has seriously disrupted order in Lhasa and inflicted heavy losses of lives and property for the people.” He insisted “local government and competent departments have been strict keeping with the Constitution and laws, and exercised extreme restraint.” He vigorously denied claims by the Dalai Lama that that China has been engaged in “cultural genocide.”

Of course, reports indicate close to 100 people are dead despite the “restraint” of local Chinese officials in handling the riots. China has constantly imposed its will upon the people of Tibet and in a blatant effort to downgrade the Tibetan culture as representing a backward view of the world. If China is so intent on allowing freedom, why not invite the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet and accord him complete freedom of religion?

Criticism of Chinese actions has nothing to do with other nations seeking to impose their will upon the government of China. The Chinese government supports military dictatorship in Myanmar, it supports genocide in Darfur, and pretends it is just an innocent victim of the Western world. No one denies there is more freedom in China today than existed under previous Communist leaders, but the essence of a free society is an open forum of ideas. Perhaps, the Chinese government might begin its quest for freedom by ending restraints on access to the Internet and YouTube.

Australian PM Urges Chinese Restraint In Tibet

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd urged the Chinese government to show restraint in dealing with Tibetan protestors who have openly expressed anger at the Chinese occupation of their land. At least 80 are dead and hundreds wounded as a result of the demonstrations. “These most recent developments in Tibet are disturbing and from my point of view, I would call upon the Chnese authorities to exercise restraint.” He emphasized Australia “has always recognized from the beginning China’s sovereignty over Tibet.” He admitted “on human rights questions we have differences with the government in Beijing.” But, the prime minister made clear Australia would not support any efforts to boycott the upcoming Olympic Games in China.

Bob Brown, head of Australia’s Green party, expressed shock at failure of his government to take a stronger stand against what is happening in Tibet. “I can’t believe this prime minister has been so effectively silent except to call for restraint, whatever that is.” Brown noted Kevin Rudd had called for sanctions against Burma when its monks had protested.

The reality of the current world is that China is a powerful nation and will not accept advice about its internal affairs from outside sources. The Chinese people are reacting to years of Western oppression and hostlity. This does not excuse the horrible behavior of China in Tibet, it only points out the reality there is little to be done about the situation in Tibet.

Tibet Violence Escalates And China Uses Force!

The Chinese government on the eve of staging the Olympic Games is facing a huge public relations disaster as violence continues in Tibet. Fighting between protestors, who were shouting, “Free Tibet” and police and army units, has resulted in at least four deaths and hundreds injured. Demonstrators set fire to shops and cars as police opened fire on them while all monasteries were reported surrounded by hundreds of soldiers in order to halt monks from participating in action against Chinese authority in Tibet. A Han woman told reporters: “It was chaos everywhere. I could see fires, smoke, cars and mortorcycles burning.” A tibetan guide who refused to give his name said police in riot gea were backed by armored vehicles and were blocking major intresections in the city. The US embassy in Beijing has received reports from Americans in Lhasa of gunfire and rioting.

The open resentment of demonsrators has undoubtedly shocked Chinese officials who continue believing their rule over the Tibetan people is welcomed by one and all. A Tibetan demonstrator told a reporter, “I have a mesage for Tibetans abroad: don’t stop supporting us. If you stop, it makes the risks we’re taking useless.”

China has two choices: continue present policies which are resented by Tibetans or move in a direction of offering the people of Tibet genuine local autonomy. If China uses excessive force it risks creating conditions that might spark a boycott of the Olympic Games and damage its image in the world for a decade.

Hu Jintao Talks-Bush Listens

Accoding to the China Daily, President Hu Jintao, has a long telephone conversation with President Bush in which the Chinese leader explained to the American what really is going on in the world. Hu made certain Bush understod the protestors in Tibet were like those wild violent hippy protestors against the Vietnam War figuring George would shake his head in agreement. Hu made clear his government has tried desperately to maintain friendly relations with the separatist, violent Dalai Lama but he refuses to cooperate. He said China was willing to discuss the situation with the Dalai Lama if he would only cease urging an independent nation. Hu expressed appreciation for Bush’s support of China in opposing Taiwan declaring its independence. Bush made clear he would be at the Olympics and he would oppose any effort to have the games cancelled. After all, he has free tickets and they are in a good location so why blow the freebie.

Please let me make clear, the above is NOT FACTUAL but is manufactured by my brain since the China Daily never told its readers exactly what were the responses of George Bush.

No Dalai Lama, China Warns Bush

China’s Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi strongly denounced the Bush meeting with exiled Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama. He claimed the meeting will be a gross violation of the norms of international relations and could have “an extremely serious impact on relations.” A White House spokesperson, Dana Perino rsponded: “We in no way want to stir the pot and make China feel that we are poking a stick in their eye. We understand the Chinese have strong feelings about this.” Bush and Congress will award the Dalai Lama the Congressional Medal of Honor for his gallant fight for peace and the rights of Tibet. The Chinese government describes the Dalai Lama as a “separatist” because he wants an independent Tibet while China claims that area is part of the Chinese nation.

First, Turkey tells the American government which resolutions it can pass, and now China is telling our government who is allowed to visit the White House. I doubt very much if Turkey would allow America to determine what is said in their parliament anymore than China will allow the United States to decide who visits or does not visit government officials. China has relations with Iran despite the American government’s hostility toward that nation. Would China accept an American demand to cease relations with Iran and not allow any Chinese official to visit that nation? Obviously, they would correctly reject such a demand as interference in the internal affairs of China.