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China Claims Tibetan Youth Threaten Peace!

The Chinese government continues its inept approach to confronting real issues in Tibet by attempting to create a smoke screen to cover up what must be done in that part of the world. The Dalai Lama and the vast majority of Tibetans want some form of local autonomy that would respect their culture and allow people a voice in determining their destiny as members of a shared culture. Instead of engaging in honest dscussion, the latest manifestation of silliness is attempting to sell the world the notion the Tibetan Youth Congress(TYC) is something analogous to al-Qaeda. Shucks, TV coverage even uncovered one of their most heinous crimes, someone cut off the ear of a local businessman!

There were no suicide attacks during the outbreak of violence in Lhasa. Most of the shooting was done by Chinese troops. There is no evidence of blowing up buildings or police stations despite claims of the Chinese government the TYC had explosives. Yes, businesses were burned, people assaulted, and there were demonstrations, but that is a long way from an attempt to overthrow the Chinese government.

China is run by a group of men who have been living within an authoritarian mentality for half a century. They are intellectually and emotionally incapable of engaging in honest discussion with those who disagree with their views. It is time for the Chinese govenment to invite the Dalai Lama to Beijing and initiate discussions which will result in more extensive local autonomy for the people of Tibet.