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Britain Plans To Tap Power Of The Sea

Great Britain is considering the possibility of constructing the world’s largest tidal power station which has the potential of providing 5% of the nation’s power. The Severn River is the longest one in England and during the spring, it transforms the 350 kilometer-long river into a surfer’s paradise when violent flood waves come crashing into the river’s narrow mouth from the Atlantic. the 16 kilometer(7.4 mile) barrier spanning the inlet between southern England and south Wales would be the world’s largest. Its turbines would have the capacity to deliver an extraordinary amount of green-powered energy whose energy output would be the equivalent of eight nuclear power plants. It is estimated when completed the waves would produce enough energy to handle 5% of the entire nation’s needs.

Several environmental groups have spoken out against the project because it would threaten a number of species and their habitats. There is no question the world will continually encounter such dilemmas, should the interest of animal life take precedence over human needs for energy. One might argue that not doing such projects would save the lives of thousands of birds, but continuing to rely on traditional forms of energy also destroy animal lives. The era of easy choices about energy are over.