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Tiger Not Out Of Woods Yet–Or Ever?

I confess to being somewhat retarded when it comes to the world of celebrities and their sexual escapades. The media reports Tiger wants to reconcile with his wife, Erin, and she apparently is waiting for signs her hubby has grasped the implications of having fourteen mistresses at the same time. But, a new report from Palm Beach, Florida, says Tiger is on his yacht along with one of the fourteen– Rachel Uchitel and they are making hay on a ship, which is no easy thing to accomplish. A source told Touch magazine, “they have been sleeping together the entire time since the scandal broke… She is madly in love with him and she believes that he loves her as well.” As I admit, when it comes to sex, I enjoy it, but am strictly a one woman at a time man.

Some people have names that accurately depict who they are. Tiger is one heck of a tiger when it comes to the ladies, young, old, and in-between. The rest of we horny men stand aside in awe at this young tiger with an unceasing ability to extend a part of his body in continual action. A Woods I never will be.

Tiger In The Woodshed?

Tiger Woods is in trouble with his wife, who for some reason, does not believe it is OK to have affairs with 14 women while married to her. It is quite clear Ms. Nerdegen is becoming upset over a lot of smoke and no fire. As far as we know, Tiger has not spawned any little cubs as a result of his engagement with several women and he remains true to his beloved wife when it comes to having babies. Surely, that must be recognized as an expression of love. OK, he is a man who stands tall and swings a nasty club, but she fails to realize that by engaging in such sex he is merely strengthening his ability to swing a golf club. If you can aim your weapon at a small opening in a woman it stands to reason that you can aim your golf club at a small hole in the ground.

On the other hand, Silvio Berlusconi, who openly has flings with women of all ages, sizes and colors, got a punch in the nose. Perhaps, Tiger could ask his wife to hit him in the nose and end her anger. Silvio is adored by millions of Italian women for having fun with women other than his wife. Has Tiger ever considered seeking to become Prime Minister of Italy?

World Of Tiger Woods Oz

I confess to not being a man who has been able to bed numerous women during the course of his 79 years on this planet, although, I will admit to having had flings with several attractive females. I am not angry at Tiger Woods, a bit curious, but certainly not upset. However, I do wonder at this man and his grasp of reality. The other day he expressed concern that there “might” be problems in his marriage! Tiger, my friend, when we go around sleeping with a dozen or so women while married, I can guarantee there IS the probability your marriage may not endure. I also learned he is concerned that his finances might be jeopardized by loss of sponsors. Tiger, my friend, I can assure you that ONLY having two or three hundred million in the bank makes certain we will not see you at the homeless shelter.

I always thought Tiger was a bright person. Does this man inhabit planet Earth? My only question is — what exactly did you expect to happen to your marriage after flings with 14 or so women?