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Just A Normal Student, Say Shooter’s Friends

Children at Albertville secondary school were involved in the lesson when the door opened to reveal black clad former student who stood motionless, and then calmly took out a pistol and begin firing into the classroom. By now, the world knows what happened and the death of 15 people by a boy presently identified as Tim K. Education and psychology experts are offering sage comments about why the boy did the shooting, but German reporters interviewed some of his classmates as to their knowledge of Tim K.

Linda, knew him for years as a classmate and she describes him as a “quiet, reserved guy, but not in an objectionable way.” Martin knew Tim since boyhood and he describes his friend this way: “Tim was never aggressive or conspicuous. He was simply normal, just like everyone else. I saw him every day, who would have thought he had a ticking bomb inside him?”

Early reports from police who seized computers in Tim’s home make note of violent games played on the computer, but another friend, Stefen does not believe this was an issue. “Tim didn’t play or watch more video games than me or any of my friends.” He was just one of the normal boys in a class.

However, another classmate, Alexander, was struck by one factor of the shooting. Tim K. killed seven girls and two boys and all three teachers who were killed were women. Alexander does not recall ever seeing Tim with a girl and raises the question, “is that a coincidence that most of those killed were females? A good question, we will never know the answer.