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Bush Pushes For Longer Iraq Military Mission

It has now become clear that President George Bush has been urging the Iraq government to allow the presence of US forces in their nation until at least 2015. Iraqi President Jalai Talabani told the press: “It was a US proposal for the date which is 2015 and an Iraq one which is 2010, then we agreed to make it 2011. Iraq had the right, if necessary to extend the presence of these troops.” Details are slowly emerging about US – Iraq negotiations on how long American troops will remain in that nation since the UN mandate expires at the end of this year. Bush is pushing for a longer departure date while the newly assertive Iraq government wants US troops to leave within eighteen months. There undoubtedly are pressures being exerted on the Maliki government by groups such as those supporting al-Sadr to get rid of US troops as soon as possible.

The effort by Bush to retain a troop presence for years may also have political connotations. Barack Obama has been pushing for a departure that fits closely with the Iraq government date while John McCain continues insisting troops are needed for a longer time period. If Bush agrees to the 2010 departure date, he confirms the validity of Obama that troops can leave without serious consequences.

Timeline For Withdrawal From Bush Who Opposes Them

The only absolute certainty when discussing the administration of George Bush is he is a master of inconsistency. For years, the president has been deriding political opponents for daring to urge establishing timelines to mark the end point of America’s presence in Iraq, so naturally, his administration has agreed to establish a timeline for withdrawal. Rice told reporters, “We have agreed that some goals, some aspirational timetables for how that might unfold are well worth having in such an agreement.” Iraq’s Foreign Minister Zebari made clear the agreement includes promises his nation will not be using as a launching pad for attacks on other nations. Rice insisted the US wanted an agreement that guaranteed the sovereignty of Iraq while protecting the interests of the United States.

Naturally, the key aspect of any agreement is what constitutes the interests of the United States. Basically, Iraq wants US troops out of its cities no later than June of next year while the Bush administration claims it wants a date but not a specific date. Such is life when dealing with George Bush.

Iraq Demands Troop Withdrawal Deadline

Senator John McCain who has been arguing for a continued American presence in Iraq was undoubtedly disturbed by demands of the Iraqi government for quick withdrawal of US troops. Unfortunately, for the Republican candidate, the Iraqi government appears more in tune with the “inexperienced” Obama than the man who claims to be conversant in foreign affairs. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari emphasized the United States must provide a “very clear timeline.” This change in attitude reflects growing confidence among Iraqi leaders they can handle security issues in their nation without American assistance. Zebari told Reuters news agency there has been progress in discussions about withdrawal and “the deal is very close. It is about to be closed.”

A major stumbling block is over US demands for immunity for soldiers if they are charged with violating Iraq law. Other issues pertain to American rights to detain Iraqi civilians and to the entire nature of military operations. Bush for years claimed he wanted Iraq to assert more control over fighting terrorism. Now, they are, and Bush is somewhat unhappy.

Sorry John, Iraqis Are For Obama’s Views, Not Yours!

The ever declining campaign of Senator John McCain for the presidency took another blow to the stomach with an announcement from Baghdad that Iraqi leaders essentially agree with the views of Barack Obama that all US troops can leave their nation by 2010. McCain has been insisting establishing a timeline is giving into those who don’t want America to “win” in Iraq. Unfortunately, for the senator from Arizona, President Bush has also agreed on a timeline. Barack Obama sat down with Prime Minister Al-Maliki in Baghdad’s heavily protected green Zone. Ali Al-Dabagh, a close associate of Maliki, sat in on the meeting and when asked about a date for withdrawal that meets desires of the Maliki government, Al-Dabagh said, “up to 2010.” That matches Obama’s pledge to withdraw troops within 16 months after taking office.

President Bush is trying to twist and turn away from the reality he has agreed to a timeline with Prime Minister Maliki, and that timeline is in accord with views of Senator Barack Obama. Senator McCain has once again be left out to dry by his fellow Republican by still insisting there can not be a timeline.