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Tony Blair Seeks Refuge In America!

Among the mysteries of my life is how a man who claims to be a “Socialist” has devoted his life to aiding the rich and fostering war. Tony Blair lied to the people of Great Britain as well as the world when he supported the Bush invasion of Iraq in search of the ever elusive WMD. Now, that Tony has been blasted by groups such as the Chilcot inquiry for failing to be honest about the reasons for war, he has decided to head for cover in the wilds of America. The Tony Blair Foundation which seeks to foster inter-faith cooperation, is making contact with such eminent American theologians as Rick Warren, head of the Saddleback Church, who does not approve of gays and lesbians, but, what the heck, they don’t count as Christians, anyway.

Tony, we have enough hypocrites in America–Bush Cheney, Rumsfeld, and we certainly don’t need any imported ones. Remain in the United Kingdom and wander around explaining why hundreds of British men and women died or were wounded because of your lies. In fairness, Tony Blair has always been open about his faith, the problem is, he has never been open about his politics.

Tony Blair Was Depressed Over Iraq War

Last month, a defiant Tony Blair appeared before the Chilcot inquiry into the origin of the war in Iraq and bluntly said that he had “not a regret” about joining with his buddy, George Bush, and having his nation participate in the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. However, a new book by Andrew Rawnsley, “The End Of The Party,” reveals a very different tale. According to the account revealed in the book, former prime minister Tony Blair went into a deep depression after the invasion and apparently had many regrets as to what he helped initiate. Several times he told friends that he was “spaced out” and that he awoke in the morning with sweat trickling down his back due to the tension of having his nation at war.

It appears throughout the war, Blair and Gordon Brown conducted their own personal war. Brown was infuriated that Blair went back on his promise to resign in 2004 so that Brown could become prime minister. Most probably, the bottom line is that a Gordon Brown government would not have changed Iraq policy and today we would be angry at Brown, not Blair. I guess it comes down to which “B” comes first.

Tony Blair–“Very Strong On God,Very Weak On Irony”

The Archbishop of Canterbury followed the recent testimony of former prime minister Tony Blair at the Chicot inquiry into origins of the Iraq war. He urged Blair to recognize his “absurdity,” and suggested he read a bit of Dostoevsky in order to understand the nature of what constitutes soul searching. Unfortunately, for Blair, it appears he loves to go to church and echo religious platitudes, but the man lacks any capacity to search into his own soul and grasp the nature of his absurd decision to send his country into a war. A venture into the writings of Dostoevsky leads any reader into encounters with characters that spend their lives soul searching.

Rowan Williams said, “I did once rather unkindly say that Tony Blair did do God but he didn’t do irony. Irony is when you recognize that your own sense of dramatic power is always something that is going to be absurd in the light of truth. The readiness to cope with that absurdity is something that you have to learn in order to grow up.”

Unfortunately, Tony Blair was unable to utter a single regret for sending hundreds of British soldiers to their death as well as thousands of Iraqis. The ultimate in his absurdity is claiming that Saddam Hussein not only threatened “a region, but the world.” Yes, Tony, he threatened the world with an army that was wiped out during the Gulf War in a few days and wiped out again in 2003!

Smear And Smokescreen-Tony Blair, Bush, Fox News

Nearly seven years have passed since George Bush and his buddy, Tony Blair unleashed the dogs of war in Iraq. We forget how during those March and April days in 2003, the White House, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Fox News, and Tony Blair shouted down anyone who dared to question the validity of what they claimed concerning WMD and the need for war. We forget charges against those opposing war as allies of al-Qaeda and disloyal Americans and Britons. We forget the non-stop Fox News campaign charging either one was for war or one was for al-Qaeda. Sir Christopher Meyer, former UK Ambassador to the United States in 2003, told the Chilcot inquiry that anyone who appeared before their group would soon confront distortion of what they said, and there would be an attempt by Tony Blair to discredit any opposing view to what he said happened in 2003.

Meyer noted that in appearing before the inquiry he noted that while at Crawford, Texas in the days leading up to the invasion, Tony Blair and George Bush spent hours together, and by the time the visit was over, the prime minister had become a fervent supporter for war. During Blair’s appearance before the Chilcot inquiry he charged Meyer was claiming to be privy to conversations of which he had no knowledge. The Blair approach is, “you turn on dissent, you distort the argument, you claim the other person said something that never was said, then you seek to discredit.. Smear and Smokescreen.”

Tony Bliar Was A Fool More Than A Liar!

In a sharply written and insightful column, British Patrick Cockburn demolishes the testimony given by former prime minister Tony Blair to the Chilcot inquiry. Cockburn suggests that signs being held that said Bliar was a “liar” and “murderer” should have stated he was a “fool” and a “sucker.” In his testimony, Bliar claimed he was surprised that Iran and al-Qaeda intervened in the war because in his view and that of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld Iran did not wish to have a Shiite democracy on its doorsteps! “His greatest weakness was not so much that he adjusted facts to support his policies, but he had so little grasp of the facts in the first place.” His comments were a mixture of “amateurism and evangelical conviction which made Blair such a lethally inept leader before and during the war in Iraq.”

Anyone who has read at least one book about the Iranian government knows it is led by Shiites who hated Sunni Saddam Hussein and they WELCOMED NOT OPPOSED’ the emergence of a Shiite government in Iraq. Iran has been aiding the current Iraq government! But, then again, George Bush never quite grasped the difference between the Sunni and Shiites in the first place.

Tony Bliar is an incompetent fool and his testimony is insulting to the intelligence of the British people.

Tony Blair And Arrogance Of Power!

Nearly seven years have passed since American and British forces invaded Iraq in order to seize the alleged WMD and to bring the benefits of democracy to the people of that nation. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair appeared before the Chilcot inquiry which is attempting to unravel how the decision to invade was made and what were original goals of that decision. Blair told the inquiry he had “no regrets” and blamed any subsequent problems on Iranian interference, misplaced assumptions and not enough American troops on the scene. He did not offer any explanation as to why 40,000 British troops were sent into a country in search of non-existent weapons.

When questioned if the invasion was worth over 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians, Blair responded: “I genuinely believe that if we had left Saddam in power, even with what we know now, we would still have had to deal with him in circumstances when the threat was worse..” It is unclear which “threat” was ever posed by Saddam Hussein, given that he lacked any WMD. All Blair could utter was, “I think he was a monster.” Blair repeatedly defended his decision by claiming Saddam Hussein had the power to become a threat.

The former prime minister denied he had conspired with George Bush to create a war, he expressed shock at American torture of prisoners, and would only admit to “errors” in not being prepared for the aftermath of the invasion.

Where does one begin to respond to this cloud of words. First, Saddam Hussein was noteven capable of defeating Iran during the 1980s despite years of war. Second, the UN asked for a few more weeks to continue their investigation about the alleged WMD. Third, General Shinseki, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff asked for 400,000 troops and was not only told he was wrong by Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld, but was forced to resign. As Tony Blair left the room, there were shouts from the audience, “you are a liar and a murderer.”

Is Tony Blair Being Mistreated?

Former prime minister Tony Blair believes he is being treated unfairly by the British media whom he describes as “feral beasts of the media” because of non-ceasing criticism of his actions as leader of the nation during the Iraq war. According to Blair, “it’s not true nobody likes me,” and claims “there is a completely different atmosphere outside the country.” On one hand, he probably is speaking the truth for the simple reason world media has not been reporting what has been presented at the Chilcot inquiry. One former minister after another has come forth with testimony that Blair was repeatedly told there were no WMD in Iraq and he refused to accept information from his advisors.

At some point next year, Blair will have to appear before the Chilcot inquiry and respond to evidence presented that he lied to the people of the United Kingdom. He will be asked to respond to evidence that he knew there were no WMD but went ahead with the invasion in order to placate George Bush.

Blair Truth About Iraq War

They arrive dressed carefully in order to calmly present their information to the Chilcot inquiry which seeks to uncover the truth about how the United Kingdom wound up fighting in Iraq. They arrive, diplomats, generals, bureaucrats, Cabinet members and spooks from secret agencies, they arrive with new versions as to what happened during the eventful days of January to March in 2003. They reveal secret discussions which took place, they sigh and recall words of caution offered and heads shaken in vigorous dissent because the sounds of dogs of war echoed down the corridors of power.

The are virtually in agreement that former Prime Minister Tony Blair knew–before giving his OK to the invasion-that no WMD were present in Iraq and that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. As General Robert Frye noted, “neither the nation, nor Parliament, nor even the Cabinet were unified on the war.” But, Tony Blair preferred being the lap dog of George Bush rather than the leader of Great Britain. The words of fear expressed towards Saddam Hussein in the spring of 2003 were a tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing but lies.

Tony Blair In Denial About What He Did In Iraq!

Sir David Manning, one of former prime minister Tony Blair’s key foreign policy advisers, told a committee that George Bush and Blair had a secret meeting in Texas at which plans for an invasion of Iraq were discussed months before the actual invasion took place. The prime minister ordered Army chiefs to draw up plans for the invasion nine months before action in Iraq. Even as he spoke, Blair told the meeting that he never bullied Lord Goldsmith, his top legal adviser, who had complained any attempt to overthrow an existing government in order to have a regime change was illegal. According to Blair, leaders have a “responsibility to make decisions” and some are difficult. Of course, no one denies making decisions is a responsibility of a prime minister, but more importantly, so is acting according to the laws of his nation.

Manning argues Britain’s participation in the invasion was not militarily necessary, but Blair wanted to please his American friend even if it came at the price of violating UK laws. The tragedy is that Americans thought it would be a quick war, Saddam would be overthrown and then they could head home to plaudits from the right wing press and seek to gain the support of their nation for the great “triumph.” Such are the delusions of the ignorant who seek war, but know little about how to fight a war, let alone gain a successful peace.

Did Tony Blair Let To People Of UK?

The controversy continues regarding who originated the war in Iraq, when was the decision made for such action and what was the rationale behind the decision. Peter Goldsmith, then attorney general in the United Kingdom insists he told Prime Minister Tony Blair his decision to join with the United States and overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein was illegal. When asked by CNN if this was what happened, Blair responded: “No, it’s not” and indicated he would provide any inquiry group his version of the decision to go to war. Goldsmith said he told the prime minister the United Kingdom could not go to war just because its government disliked the regime of Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately, for Tony Blair more and more officials in his government are providing similar accounts about the decision for war.

The bottom line is there was no need for immediate action in March, 2003. UN inspectors had asked for several weeks in order to complete their investigation concerning WMD. President Bush and his lackey, Tony Blair, insisted there had to be an immediate invasion in order to get rid of WMD that posed a security threat. The evidence is overwhelming that there were no WMD and no need for any invasion in March, 2003.