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Rush To Judgment In Iraq Was Planned

During March, 2003, the President of the United States and his British allies insisted there had to be an immediate invasion of Iraq in order to rid that nation of its WMD. The frenzied atmosphere brooked no attempt to delay what was posed as a vital immediate need. However, recently revealed information indicate that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had decided year previously that it was impossible to halt George Bush in the invasion of Iraq. There was never any immediate need for war. Sir Christopher Meyer, who was the UK ambassador to the US, told a committee the Blair government never gave UN inspectors time to complete their investigation which would have revealed there were no WMD. The message at 10 Downing Street was the 9/11 attack meant provide complete support to whatever crazy idea George Bush wanted to pursue in dealing with “terrorism.”

Meyer revealed there was no one in the British government who was interested in working with UN inspectors or exploring any alternative policy other than supporting Bush’s ideas about invasion. Tony Blair failed to uphold his responsibilities as prime minister to pursue the path for peace and allowed his soldiers to die in a war that need not have been fought.

Tony Blair –EU President?

Former British prime minister Tony Blair is being touted to hold the newly created position of President of the European Council. Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the world, “we the British government declare that Tony Blair would be an excellent candidate to hold the position of the President of the European Council.” But, would he, that is the question? Blair became the close ally of George Bush in the disastrous invasion of Iraq and his behavior raises questions as to his ability to take a firm stand in support of intelligent foreign policy decisions. Instead of demanding that Bush work with the United Nations, Blair jumped onto the bandwagon headed for the hell of Iraq.

His performance as prime minister did not result in a successful economy, he did not actually make any intelligent changes in education, but did play a role in raising college costs. Exactly, what are his qualifications for this important position besides displaying the backbone of a chocolate eclair in Iraq?


Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Qatar, Gulf Times: “15 Teams Compete In Robotic Competition”
No humans allowed.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “My Son Called Me An Infidel”
Convert to Judaism, what do you expect?

Sweden, The Local: “Pastor Fined For Fingering Figs”
I guess it depends on whose figs he was fingering.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Toddler Survives Train Hitting Him”
OK, I’m glad he is OK, but how is the train doing?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “No Money To Combat School Violence”
We have plenty of money to combat business violence.

South Africa, Argus: “Blair Trying To Rewrite History”
I never heard of Iraq, is that near London?

Qatar, Khaleej Times: “49 Dead In Iran Bombing”
“Yemen Says 44 Rebels Killed”
” Eight Dead, 29 Wounded In Baghdad”
Just another peaceful day in the Middle East region.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Why Do People Hate You?”
With a name like Rush Limbaugh what do you expect?


Following are occupations that certain people might enjoy.

DICK CHENEY: Funeral Director

GEORGE BUSH: Forest Ranger

BARACK OBAMA: College basketball coach.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Garbage collector

PLAXICO BURRESS: Running rifle booth at carnival.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Hit man for the Mafia.

DONALD TRUMP: Rent collector in slum buildings.

JOE BIDEN: Barker at Amusement Park.

BERNIE MADOFF: Used car salesman.

TONY BLAIR: Born again minister in California town.

Legacy Of Tony Blair–Torture?

A businessman who was held and tortured in the United Arab Emirates in the aftermath of bombings in London believes he has uncovered evidence that British consular officials colluded with local law enforcement officials to allow him to be subject of torture. Alam Ghafoor, is among several British citizens who argue there was British complicity in their detention and torture. He was on a business trip to UAE just a few days after the London bombings in July, 2005 when he along with a business associate were dragged from a restaurant and threatened with torture, deprived of sleep and subjected to stress positions and told by local authorities unless they cooperated they would be fed to dogs.

Ghafoor has uncovered communication from British consular officials in the UAE which indicate they knew he was being questioned and did nothing to protect his rights. While under questioning he was subject to torture that resulted in a “confession” of being complicit in the London bombing. “I wrote a false confession and put crazy things in it like I have constant contact with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.”

British officials insist they had nothing to do with the imprisonment or torture. It was just another of those “misunderstandings” that continually appear in the history of Bush and Tony Blair.

Tony Blair’s Nightmare– The Truth About Iraq!

Six years ago, Tony Blair had an opportunity to strike a blow for freedom by placing pressure on George Bush not to rush for judgment into the ill-fated war in Iraq. Instead, he played stooge to an ignorant president and an evil vice president whose desire was blood and destruction in the name of democracy. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, after initially stating the inquiry into why a war on Iraq would be held in secret, backtracked and made clear major portions of the inquiry would be open to the public. Tony Blair tried his best to avoid such a spectacle because his current dream is becoming the first president of the European Union who would hold the position for a fixed term of office instead of the current rotation process.

Once Europeans learn how Tony Blair lied and disguised reasons for Great Britain entering the war in Iraq it is doubtful if his candidacy will proceed on schedule. His supporters fear open hearings will lead to “mob justice” although the truth more likely will never lead to any real justice, simply people shaking their heads in disbelief.

Tony Blair–Man In The Middle Of A Diplomatic Fiasco?

There must be moments in the life of Tony Blair when he wonders how in God’s name did he wind up attempting to deal with the madness of the Israel-Palestinian dilemma? He is the envoy of the Quartet composed of the United States, Russia, the EU and the UN who seek to mediate the conflict in the Middle East. Blair will be meeting with a committee of the British Parliament to discuss what he has or has not accomplished over the past two years. Blair has met with new Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who insists he wants peace but is undecided about an independent Palestine. He has met with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority which recently was engaged in a gun battle with Hamas forces that left six dead. We can say without fear of contradiction that Blair meets with a great number of people.

Israel and American relations have reached a new low because President Obama is committed to peace in the Middle East while Netanyahu is committed to maintaining the status quo–indefinitely, we presume. Blair has no power, he just wanders from place to place mumbling and talking and looking like he knows what he is doing. It reminds one of the man who actually believed George Bush knew something about WMD.

“Moment Of Truth” In Middle East?

Tony Blair, the Quartet representative in the Middle East, told the Jerusalem Post that events in the Middle East were fast coming down to either important decisions are made or the region will face the possibility of further disaster. We’ve reached, “the moment of truth” as to which direction the area will go. Meanwhile, King Abdullah told the Times that all eyes will be focused on Washington in the coming weeks as Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has his first meeting with President Obama who already has made clear the United States supports a two state solution. The King warned, “if the call is in May that this is not the right time or we are not interested, then the world is going to be sucked into another conflict in the Middle East.”

The King in his recent meeting with Obama presented the Arab League proposal which calls for recognition of Israel in exchange for return to the 1967 borders and East Jerusalem being the capital of a new Palestinian state. The proposal is what Israel wanted forty years ago and now that dream can be achieved.

The Arabs and Israelis are both sick and tired of another set of talks that end up with plans to hold further meetings. It is time for action that meets the needs and aspirations of all concerned parties.

Tony Blair – New EU President?

Former British prime minister Tony Blair is working hard to secure the position of the first permanent president of the European Union. The current British prime minister Gordon Brown is not the most vocal supporter of his former boss, but he is ready to see the appointment of Blair because he believes it would be in his nation’s interests to have someone from England in such an important role. He has put past antagonism away and is urging other European leaders to back Blair. French President Sarkozy who many thought would make a run for the position has come out in support of Blair.

The concept of a permanent president of the European Union is felt to be an important step in creating a more continental government. Everything now depends on the vote of Ireland in favor of the Lisbon Treaty.

Iraq Never Had WMD Says British Expert

Carne Ross, who was Great Britain’s top Iraq specialist at the United Nations, insists the real truth concerning the so-called WMD have never been revealed. He told MPs who are investigating leaks by civil servants that intelligence available to the Tony Blair government made it “very clear” that Saddam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction. He told the MPs the Blair government did not give him a proper chance to discuss this issue and went went right ahead into the war based on false information. Carne resigned in 2004 after giving anonymous evidence to members of parliament. “I feel very strongly that there has still not been proper accountability and scrutiny into what happened in Iraq.”

Carne wants a full inquiry in order to get at the truth. Another whistle blower, Brian Jones, former head of the nuclear, chemical and biological branch of the Minsitry of Defense’s intelligence staff, said he was “surprised” MPs did not spot flaws in the 2002 dossier that made a case for war. He claims the Blair government kept people like him away from parliament so they could proceed with their mad dash toward war over non-existent weapons.