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Gates Blocks Release Of Detainee Abuse Photos

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates imposed a ban on the release of any photos that depict abusive treatment of detainees who were under the supervision of American military personnel. According to Gates< “public disclosure of these photographs would endanger citizens of the United States, members of the United States armed forces, or employees of the United States government deployed outside the United States.” Aside from using the words, “United States,” four times, the reasoning by Gates is naive to say the least. I hate to tell the Secretary of Defense but the entire world knows all about the photos. This is the age of Internet and everything soon becomes public knowledge. James Jaffer, of the American Civili Liberties Union, responded by noting the photos were important pieces of evidence in any discussion of the use of torture by the United States. “We think the photos are an important part of the historical record.” it is time to end the Bush era of secrecy and denial. Tell the truth– it will make all of us free.