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US Demanded Torture, Not Normal Interrogation!

There is scant doubt Republicans sat at night watch the TV program, 24, assuming they were learning about effective ways of torturing people. After all, the generation of Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld believed humiliating and degrading prisoners was an old fashioned, God fearing way of interrogation. During the Iraq war, high ranking British military intelligence officers worried at continual American complaints that UK methods of interrogation were not of the same quality or intensity of pain as those used by the Americans. The British decision to cut back on certain interrogation procedures aroused anger among Americans. According to Lt. Colonel Ewan Duncan, “the end of hooding has far reaching implications– a growing diversion of opinion with the US” over the nature of interrogations.

Ironically, just as UK interrogators were being scolded by Americans for not being tough, basra hotel worker Baha Mousa died while being interrogated by British officers. And, we wonder why Iraqis did not always appreciate the benefits of democracy.

US Intelligence Hid Torture From British

The never ceasing saga of how American intelligence used torture to extract information from SUSPECTS continues to reverberate in the United Kingdom as those responsible for intelligence operations have opposing views as to what happened in the past. The former head of M15, the Baroness Manningham-Butler recently told a group Americans were “very keen” to prevent British intelligence from knowing how they obtained information from those under their control. They did not wish British intelligence from knowing they employed tactics such as waterboarding in order to get information. However Jonathan Evans, current head of M15 denies that his group was ever prevented from knowing how Americans obtained their information.

A key word is “SUSPECT” as well as a key word being, “LEGAL.” A democratic society does not utilize torture in order to obtain information. For those who cite the ever handy, “ticking bomb” analogy, we simply do not have much evidence any such metaphor applied to dealing with suspects. We can also note that during WWII the British and Americans were fighting fanatics in Germany and Japan and somehow obtained information without use of waterboarding. I wonder why or how?

British Judge Blasts Torture

One of the United Kingdom’s top judges issued a strong rebuke to the British Security Service for colluding in the torture of an English citizen, Binyam Mohamed. Lord Neuberger, dismissed government objections that British security was ignorant of American torture of prisoners. he noted, “some Security Services officials appear to have a dubious record relating to actual involvement, and frankness about any such involvement, with the mistreatment of Mr. Mohamedwhen was held at the behest of US officials.” The only lame excuse the government could issue was Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s comment that “I am fully disappointed that the court has decided to criticise the Security Service in this way.” Mr. Mohamed has claimed he was tortured in Pakistan in 2002 with the full knowledge of the US and the awareness of M15 that a British citizen was being mistreated.

Of course, Foreign Secretary David Miliband did his best to prevent release of a seven paragraph summary oif what M15 knew about the mistreatment. I am certain Mr. Mililband will argue the ever used excuse of “national security. The bottom line is whether any statement by the British government concerning collusion with American agents on torture issues can ever be relied on to be accurate.

UK Metropolitan Police Investigate Torture

The Metropolitan police have initiated an investigation into charges that M15 was complicit in the torture of Shaker Aamer, a British citizen, who was captured in Afghanistan and taken to Bagram airport where Americans used torture methods in order to extract information and a confession from Aamer. Investigating officers have appealed to the high court for the release of classified documents related to the case. Aamer was the last British citizen to be detained in Guantanamo prison. Justice Sullivan expressed his disgust with attempts by the British government to avoid producing documents or assuming responsibility for what happened. As Sullivan commented, “these whole proceedings have been a gigantic waste of time and money and that is the fact of the matter.”

No one in the British government, or that of the US as well, has the slightest ability to admit a mistake, apologize and move on.

UK Officials Aided Torture!

The current Labor Party of Great Britain traces its historical roots back over a hundred years during which time Socialist leaders fought for human rights. But, the current British government apparently prefers associating with oppressors of humans rather than with those who fought for human rights. A year long inquiry by UN investigators discovered that British security and intelligence officers were frequently present during the interrogation of British citizens who had been kidnapped and taken to foreign nations. The UN Human Rights Council claims British officials provided questions for torturers to pose to victims. For example, in one case, Azhar Khan, a British citizen was posed questions by his interrogators who knew everything about his life in the UK including details concerning his private life.

The Foreign Office of Great Britain denied any such events had ever occurred and accused UN investigators of acting “irresponsibly” and accepted unsubstantiated charges. MP David Davis charged his nation’s Foreign Office was “irresponsible” and dishonest.

Reality is if a person was tortured, they really can not provide detailed information concerning the lives of his torturers. Heck, he is lucky to be alive and demanding he offer “evidence” of what happened to him is ridiculous.

Who Believes UK And US Intelligence Knew About Torture?

Raise your hand from this page if you actually believe American and British Intelligence agents were aware that torture was being used on citizens of their nation by the Pakistan Intelligence? A report by Human Rights Watch blasts UK Intelligence for ignoring blatant signs of torture on the part of their Pakistan colleagues and thus allowed individuals who were citizens of their nation to be subject to torture. Four individuals who talked with British agents were able to display fingers which lacked fingernails. Are we to assume UK Intelligence believes fingers lacking fingernails are simply the latest fashion among people who are in prison and being asked questions? A Pakistani agent said both American and British agents knew all about the torture and could readily discern “clear and visible signs of torture.” Naturally, the British Foreign Office denies any such actions and assures the world the UK stands against torture.

I guess we are to assume according to the Foreign Office, having your fingernails torn out is not torture, but simply a choice made by the individual. Human Rights Watch demands an inquiry into the entire torture business and it is time both the United States and Great Britain accede to such an inquiry.

Naturally, those who conduct the inquiry will have their fingernails removed in order to understand the effects of such action.


Following are rants that have grown tiresome and I wish never again to hear them uttered by a human.

Obama is a Nazi who wants to bring National Socialism to America.

Israel is the most blatant violator of human rights! (I assume that Israel is much worse than Sudan in Darfur, the killings in the Congo, China, Russia, etc..)

Under Bush the government was run by real conservatives and now “those people” have taken over and taken away OUR America!

We have to raise educational standards by making children pass tests.

Obama was born in Kenya in a gorilla camp and that’s why he has no birth certificate.

We CAN win the war in Afghanistan.

If the wealthy don’t have lots of money the rest of us will become poor.

Back in the old days…..

A public option is the first step on the road to SOCIALISM (like the Post Office, I assume)

The Surge IS working.

Torture is only torture if done by non-Americans

Generals Blast Dick Cheney!

Former Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Charles Krulak and former commander of the Central Command, General Joseph P. Hoar, blasted the views of former vice president Dick Cheney on the topic of torturing prisoners. They were sharply critical of Cheney’s attitude toward “enhanced interrogation techniques.” The officers wrote an editorial in the Miami Herald to denounce interrogation techniques that Cheney thought were proper and made humorous remarks about waterboarding and physical discomfort strategies.

According to the two generals, “what leaders say matters. So when it comes to light as it did recently, that US interrogators staged mock executions and held a whirling electric drill close to the body of a naked, hooded detainee, and the former vice president winks and nods it matters.”

A basic problem related to torture of prisoners is that those in charge who winked and nod knew nothing about serving in their nation’s armed forces and obtained their ideas concerning interrogation from 24 episodes. To those who risk their lives in the service of the United States of America, the Geneva Convention is a serious document, not a laughing matter.

Are There Good And Bad Guys In Afghanistan?

Amnesty International issued a report that blasted Sweden for handing over prisoners to local Afghanistan authorities because it was apparent prisoners would be tortured if placed in hands of those defending democracy. “There is an absolute ban on torture and thus also a ban on handing over prisoners to countries in which there is a risk of torture,” according to Lisa Bergh of AI. Of course, this policy raises fundamental questions. Since the Bush administration asserted the right to torture prisoners, is handing over a prisoner to the United States in violation of international accords concerning torture?

George Bush never understood that by allowing torture of prisoners it meant there were no “good” or “bad” guys anymore, everyone was now “bad.” If the United States can torture, if Egypt can torture, if Afghanistan can torture, who are the “good guys?” The ironic aspect of torture, was that America sent prisoners to nations which openly boasted of torturing in order to avoid the US which secretly tortured from admitting it was torturing.

The long and short of this torturous argument is there are no good guys left in the world. Welcome to the war against ourselves in the name of democracy!

Iran Admits Torturing Detainees!

A characteristic of the totalitarian state is the need to present an image to the outside world of unity in thought among its inhabitants. In order to achieve the aura of complete support there is need to create an “enemy” in order to explain why a few dissidents do not agree with official versions of the truth. Iran’s police chief admitted that protestors who were arrested were tortured. According to General Ismail Ahmad Moghaddam. three policemen who beat prisoners have been placed in jail as punishment. However, he denied anyone died even though most human rights groups have identified at least three deaths while in prison.

A few days ago, Iran’s prosecutor-general, Dori-Najafbadi said “maybe there were cases of torture in the early days after the election, but we are willing to follow up any complaints or irregularities that have taken place.” Perhaps, he might begin by ending the charade of the current “trials” at which people are being compelled to confess to every and all crimes against the state of Iran. The best example of the madness of the “confessions” was from Clotilde Reiss, a French researcher who was working at Isfahan University. Mr. Reiss “confessed” to having provided information about the protests to the French embassy in Iran. Surely, torturers can come up with a better example than this on1