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Is The Toyota A Blessing To People Convicted Of Car Issues?

The emergence of numerous problems with Toyota cars has opened opportunities for anyone who was convicted of a car crash that caused damage or death to seek reopening of the case on grounds it was Toyota, not me that caused the problem. We can assume that all over the United States lawyers are contacting those who drove a Toyota car and were in an accident that led to monetary damages or prison sentence to offer their services in re-opening the case. Koua Fong Lee was driving a 1996 Toyota Camry when it shot up a ramp on an interstate highway and crashed into another car resulting in the death of three people. He pleaded that despite trying everything possible to control the car, the car was responsible for the deaths, not him. The jury did not buy his story and off he went to a seven year prison term.

Mr. Lee is now seeking the reopening of his case and most probably judges will take another look and come up with a new conclusion. My question is: do we convict the Toyota company and it executives for the deaths and do they go to prison?