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Road Rage In Kuwait City Involves US Military

A fight broke out between Kuwaitis and members of the US army on Arabian Gulf Street in Kuwait City when a driver of a bus belong to the American army alledgedly drove recklessly and almost caused several accidents. The incident led to a clash between American soldiers on the scene with Kuwaitis. The result was a massive traffic jam, shouting people and at least one soldier who fired his weapon into the air. A retired Kuwait army officer attempted to intervene and sooth feelings but he supposedly was ignored and insulted by the American soldiers. Witnesses say the Americans insisted that Kuwait police had no authoriy over their actions and they had a right to do whatever they so desired.

These scenes of conflict between soldiers and civilians are common in war zones. An eye witness told the Arab Times Americans were driving recklessly and then shouted and threatened Kuwaitis. The incident is minor, but symbolic. As long as American military forces remain as occupiers in Arab nations we can expect such situations to occur.