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Prison Transsexual Dilemmas!

A transsexual prisoner serving a life sentence for manslaughter and attempted rape while she/he was a man is fighting for the right to be placed inside a female prison rather than be confined with men. Judge David Elvin rejected a decision by justice secretary Jack Straw to keep she/he in the male prison on grounds it violated human rights. ‘I declare her continued de terntion in a m ale prison is in breach of her rights under Article 8(right to private and family life) under the European Convention on Human Rights.”

The person in question had her feminine body legally recognized and has grown breasts. Prison authorities argue she will no more be accepted by female prisoners as a woman than she/he was by male prisoners.

Of course, one solution is to construct transsexual prisons. Such institutions will provide jobs and necessitate hiring transsexual guards. By that point everyone whether he be she or she be he will be happy.