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China Closes Tibet To Foreigners For A Month

The Chinese government continues to bungle the issue of Tibet by imposing a ban on travel to the region by foreigners. Next month marks the anniversary of the Tibetan rebellion against China which was crushed. An employee of the government run-travel agency in Lhasa said they were asked to stop organizing tour groups for Tibet during the coming months. An employee of a major hotel said “foreigners cannot go there in March because we has stopped giving out permits.”

China is a powerful nation and there is no possibility of Tibetans or anyone else attempting violent ways of damaging the existing government. The decision to ban travel only makes people aware the China made some mistakes concerning the Tibetan people. Actually, if the Chinese government simply ignored the anniversary, most people– aside from Tibetans– would have forgotten what happened a year ago. As always, the Chinese government shoots itself in the foot.