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Trousers Lead Revolution In Sudan!

During the 1960s the world confronted a challenge to codes of morality when young people decided to wear long hair. Somehow, civilization survived that threat to its moral fiber, but the government of the Sudan deserves credit for identifying a new challenge to all we hold dear to the cause of morality–trousers. Dozens of women protested against the upcoming trial of Lubna Hussein, a former UN worker who shocked the Sudanese people by inviting a dozen women to have a cup of coffee in a restaurant where they all sat clad in trousers! Ten of the women at the luncheon who were arrested accepted the punishment of ten lashes and went home to the security of wearing trousers around the house.

Ms. Hussein refuses to back down at being charged with “indecent dressing.” An ally, Amal Habani, a female columnist told the media “we are here to protest against this law that oppresses women and debases them.” I have always wondered why there are no appropriate dress codes for Muslim men. I guess God has something against trousers,given that he is always depicted in robes.

Ms. Hussein expressed her feelings by saying, ‘I am ready for what may come.” We are certain the verdict will be delivered in an audience composed of women who do not wear trousers while some of the men are trouserites.