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Enough Is Enough Say Zimbabwe People

Morgan Tsvangirai is the one who deserved the Nobel Peace prize this year for his continued efforts to work with the meglomaniac President Robert Mugabe in the quest to restore Zimbabwe to some semblance of peace and prosperity. Ostensibly, there is a coalition government, but Tsvangirai works to establish an economy that offers food and stability to his people while Mugabe uses his control of the army and police to arrest, brutalize and kill supporters of Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change. Tsvangirai finally lost his patience when Roy Bennett, a senior leader of the MDC, was charged with attempting to overthrow the government.

As Tsvangirai noted: “it is our right to disengage from a dishonest and unreliable partner.” There is scant hope the people of Zimbabwe can attain the prosperity that once characterized their nation as long as Mugabe and his fellow thugs are part of the government. It is time for South Africa to use its power and compel Mugabe to behave as a decent human and abide by the coalition agreement.

Zimbabwe-Caught Between Rock And Hard Place

The dilemma of Zimbabwe continues and its prospects for success are diminished by the growing threat of strikes. A “coalition government” under which Movement For Democratic Change leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has been desperately attempting to bring order into the chaos created by President Mugabe may soon unravel. Doctors are threatening strikes and shortly they will be joined by teachers. Tsvangirai has accomplished a tremendous amount given his own MPs are being arrested by Mugabe’s thug police and army. Tsvangirai has curbed inflation, gotten food to stores, and reopened schools but his efforts may soon collapse. He needs money from foreign investors but none will give money as long as President Mugabe is ready to pounce on it and use the funds to strengthen his forces.

The only solution is for the African Union, and particularly, South Africa, to take a strong stand in defense of the rights of the Zimbabwe people. South African inaction allows Mugabe to continue harassing members of the MDC and refusing to allow those who can farm to get back to the task of raising food. Unfortunately, giving money to Zimbabwe is the only way to get the country back on track, but to do so with Mugabe in power ensures the money will be used to help his government, not the people of Zimbabwe.

Which Way Zimbabwe?

The past decade has been horrible for most Zimbabweans as the corrupt and vicious regime of Robert Mugabe has throttled not merely freedom of expression but freedom to create a viable economic system. Since Morgan Tsvangirai became prime minister, the nation has taken a few stumbling steps to recovery, but the spectre of Mugabe always lurks in the dark. A visitor of Zimbabwe would see the reopening of supermarkets and people buying goods. Investors are returning as are thousands of refugees who fled the horror of Mugabe. Independent newspapers are now publishing as well as independent international media. There are even pictures of Mugabe and Tsvangirai laughing together in August, 2009.

However, there is another face of Zimbabwe. Politically motivated beatings of those who oppose Mugabe, teachers assaulted in their classroom because someone claimed they had criticized Mugabe and villagers forced to barter chickens in the absence of currency. Lawyers and journalists have been arrested and threats made to kill opposition leader Morgan Tsvanirai. This also in August, 2009

Morgan Tsvangirai has done an incredible job given the mess he inherited. Tax revenue is up to $60 million a month from less than $4 million when he took over. Nearly three million children are back in school and teachers have been paid. This also in August, 2009.

Unfortunately, South Africa refuses to take action on behalf of democratic forces in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Continues Failing And Failing

The attempt to create a coalition government in Zimbabwe between dictator Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change simply is not working. As Prime Minister Tsvangirai recently noted: “we have not succeeded in restored the rule of law.. our people do not live free from fear, hunger or poverty.” His efforts to lean over backward in order to accommodate the whims of Mugabe have not been able to restore an economy that can function. Mugabe began the current fiasco by seizing land of white farmers and turning them over to his fellow thugs and buddies. The result was the collapse of the Zimbabwe economy that has left 94% of people without jobs and continued existence dependent on outside aid.

South Africa is the only hope of the people of Zimbabwe. President Zuma must insist on reform on the part of Mugabe and make clear the old days of looting Zimbabwe are over. Mugabe continues seizing productive farm land resulting what Tsvangirai terms “productive land lies fallow and people hungry.”

Zimbabwe Madness Is Catching

For years after the people of Zimbabwe ended colonial rule, they enjoyed a prosperous society in which over 90% of children attended school and its universities were among the best in Africa. Unfortunately, President Robert Mugabe decided to end the last vestiges of colonialism by seizing the land of white farmers, over 5,000 of whom had remained in Zimbabwe and were seeking to create new relations with Africans. Each of the farms employed over a hundred local Africans and enabled the nation to feed itself and earn income from exports. But, Mugabe wanted the land in order to reward his henchmen and cronies, few of whom had any interest in farming, but a great deal of interest in enriching themselves. This week, Ian Campbell-Morrison, whose land was taken away and given to an official, was evicted from his home and he was fined “for illegally occupying state land” even though he lives in a cottage and his wife tends to a garden.

Morgan Tsvangirai promised to end the lawlessness which has destroyed the nation’s farm production and led to a 94% unemployment rate. Suddenly, he has begun to talk like Mugabe by referring to these farm seizures as having “been blown out of proportion.”

Zimbabwe had every right to develop an orderly legal process of purchasing land of white farmers in a gradual manner to ensure the land was properly farmed by local people. But, to take land in order to reward thugs is hardly the way to gain international recognition.

Doesn’t Tsvangirai grasp that other nations will not invest their money in a country which seizes the land of people and gives it to government officials? Who in their right mind would invest a single penny in a Zimbabwe which is ruled by the gun, not the law? Wake up Tsvangirai and act like the leader your nation needs!

Zimbabwe And Rule Of Law

The future of Zimbabwe unfortunately is linked to the future of its thuggish ruler, Robert Mugabe. Nations of the world do not believe it wise to invest in Zimbabwe unless there is a semblance of law and order. As long as Mugabe holds the position of president it is virtually impossible to establish a government that respects individual rights and is willing to take steps that would ensure return to economic stability. Morgan Tsvangirai, who holds the position of prime minister in a government in which Mugabe attempts to thwart his efforts to restore the economy knows he needs to keep Mugabe around until he dies or simply vanishes into the oblivion of history.

Tsvangirai told reporters, “this residual resistance represents an unwillingness to accept the fact that the new political dispensation is not only irreversible, but also offers the country the only viable way forward.” The question remains– how to get Mubabe off to the side or into retirement so the future can proceed?

Tragedy Of Zimbabwe Not Changed

There were hopes three months ago–not high ones, but hopes–when a power-sharing a government was formed between opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugage that the president would make some attempt to cease his incompetent rule and allow those with technical knowledge to attempt fixing a broken system. The nation remains mired in poverty, nearly 90% are unemployed and most civil servants such as teachers are not getting paid very much. On Monday, two journalists were arrested for printing the wrong thing and farmers complain that Mugabe thugs continue to disrupt needed farm production. Although a few hundred million dollars have been provided the government, most investors will not place money in a society run by thugs who are ready to seize control of any outside business on grounds they are still fighting the evils of colonialism.

There is only one solution–Mugabe must go, the police and army must be placed under new leadership and those with technical knowledge must be placed in charge of the government in an attempt to restore the confidence of business people and bring some semblance of organization to a broken system.

Should West Give Aid To Mugabe’s Zimbabwe?

The nation of Zimbabwe is bankrupt, its economy is in ruins, over three million people have fled to South Africa in search of a decent life, and the government is currently divided between the reform Movement for Democratic Change, (MDC) and the corrupt thugs under President Mugabe who created the mess. Finance Minister Trevor Manuel who represents the new leadership under Morgan Tsvangirai is urging Western nations to provide needed money for his government. The United Kingdom and many other nations fear any money that might be under the control of Mugabe will be wasted. However, Manuel is arguing that without money, reformers are powerless and the entire country will simply collapse.

This is among the most difficult decisions that western nations will have to make in Africa. Do they take the risk that Mugabe will use the money for his own political purposes or do they take the risk that Tsvangirai and Manuel will be able to use those funds to create a semblance of stability in the nation?

What Next For Zimbabwe?

The people of Zimbabwe must believe there is some cosmic plot to transform their lives into a living hell. Just as opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai obtained some power to alter events in the nation and hopefully begin to deal with its vast economic problems, he was involved in a terrible automobile accident which left his wife dead and serious injuries to himself. Tavangirai insists that nothing has been altered in the government, “I am still in control and hold executive power so nothing has changed.” Actually, there has been a change. Tsvangirai is not in the capital and he is not exerting daily power which opens a new opportunity for President Mugabe to assume more power.

Perhaps, it is a temporary situation and Tsvangirai will soon return to daily life as the prime minister but with a nation whose economy has completely collapsed this may well be a hope rather than a reality. Frankly, is there any light at the end of the Zimbabwe tunnel?

Mugabe- Press Freedom, Nonsense!

Morgan Tsvangirai, prime minister in the coalition government with President Robert Mugabe, is seeking over $2 billion in aid from nations in order to restore some semblance of order and stability to the nation which has been devastated by the ruinous policies of Mugabe. Several potential donor nations have demanded the re-establishment of a free media as the price for aid, but to Mugabe such talk is “nonsense” and he will not agree to restoration of a truly democratic nation since he would rather people starve than open his society to open criticism of his policies. The World Health Organization now estimates at least 3,894 are dead of cholera and about 84,027 have been infected by the disease.

Robert Mugabe must go if there is ever to be restoration of a viable economy. He has placed his cronies and fellow thugs in key positions in government and rewarded them with farms and wealth they will not readily surrender even if it would result in restoration of a viable economy. For Mugabe, his needs always take precedence over those of the people of Zimbabwe.