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Will Any Aid Aid Zimbabwe?

The crisis in Zimbabwe which was caused by the inept policies of President Robert Mugabe now confronts a new crisis. Many donor nations are hesitating at giving economic assistance to the devastated country since there is scant confidence any government would be able to administer the money in an honest manner given the corrupt behavior of Mugabe when previously he received aid. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is pleading with donor nations to ignore the prior incompetence and give his government a chance to address economic issues. Nelson Chamisa of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) argues, “this is a new administration. It’s a clean pair of hands.”

Unfortunately, it remains unclear as the role that will be played by Mugabe if economic assistance enters the nation. Will he repeat is previous corrupt behavior when his government was previously supplied aid by South Africa? Does one accept the reality of corruption on the part of the Mugabe government in order to get some aid to those who need it right now?

The Fantasy Land Of Chaotic Zimbabwe

It sometimes becomes difficult attempting to explain with any form of rationality what transpires for government in the land of Zimbabwe. The newly installed prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai asked a colleague, Roy Bennett to return from his self imposed exile in order to assume the post of deputy Agriculture Minister since the nation’s farm economy had collapsed. Police decided to arrest Mr. Bennett when he arrived at the airport and initially charged him with treason, but later said he was only guilty of committing terrorism, banditry, and sabotage. There is no rhyme or reason to any of these charges other than showing Prime Minister Tsvangirai that he does not control the country, but its police force is in charge.

How can a government function effectively when its security force behave as though they are not responsible to any government body. We have a situation in which organized chaos rules the land. The economy has collapsed but security officials and the president’s political party do not intend to surrender power. They prefer inhabiting a nation which has an 80% unemployment rate and astronomical inflation rates than working for the people of Zimbabwe.

Cry The Beloved Country Of Zimbabwe!

The nation of Zimbabwe has suffered more than most countries in the world due to the corrupt and ineffective rule of its tyrant, Robert Mugabe. Millions have fled in search of jobs and food, over three thousand are dead of cholera and over 50,000 infected in a nation whose inflation rate is the highest in the entire world. Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) agreed to join a coalition government knowing full well it would be difficult working with Mugabe. One of his key aides, Roy Bennett was arrested at the airport and charged with treason. Key MDC leaders like Tendai Biti, with gritted teeth expressed their feeling, that the current disaster facing their society, “will make you take a lot of nonsense for their sake.”

The African Union stands to the side, the nation of South Africa remains quiet and the people of Zimbabwe suffer without real friends. No protests are heard in the streets of Paris or London for the African people of Zimbabwe. All one can do is cry for the beloved people of this nation.

Mugabe Begins Reign Of Terror On Day One

The unity government which the Southern African Development Community and the African Union has been urging was finally sworn in as the new government of Zimbabwe. Within an hour after placing his tough minded hard liners in positions to control the army and police, the Mugabe security forces arrested a chief aide of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. Roy Bennett, a white farmer who fled Zimbabwe after his farm was taken and he got into an argument with the Minister of Justice, but was asked by Tsvangirai to assume the post of deputy agricultural minister. The arrest is sending a signal to all members of Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) that Mugabe is the real boss and he has the power including the power to arrest close associates of the new prime minister.

The concept of a unity government is an excellent idea but it requires both parties to cooperate and respect one another. Mugabe has no intention of respecting the rights of members of the MDC and the Bennett arrest is the first warning that the real boss remains the man who insists he is boss– Mugabe.

Zimbabwe Collapsing But No European Protests!

British students are seizing offices in universities as part of their protest against Israel’s invasion of Gaza which left 1,300 dead including about 800 civilians. But, in a former colony of Great Britain, a tyrant named Robert Mugabe rules with an iron fist that has destroyed his nation causing the death of 3,397 from cholera while an additional 65,000 are infected with the dread disease. Over 80% of the population lacks a job and millions barely have enough to survive, but the death of innocent Africans is not on the student agenda this week. The World Health Organization says the health system has completely collapsed, but not cries from Europe about a “Holocaust”and one can only wonder why British students are furious at what happens in Gaza and indifferent to the death of thousands in Zimbabwe as well as the death of five million in the Congo.

Morgan Tsvangirai will attempt to be part of a “coalition government” due to pressure from the Southern African Development Community, but members of his Democratic Movement for Change (DMC) still languish in jail. There is scant confidence in the international community about this coalition government and when it collapses, as it will, the situation will only become worse.

Will anyone cry for the beloved people of Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe Struggles To Unite For Peace, Can It?

The situation in Zimbabwe has gone beyond “critical” into a human disaster stage in which unemployment has now reached 90% and inflation is at a 250,000,000% rate while million s have fled the country in search of any form of work. Movement for Democratic Change,(MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai has decided to accept the position of prime minister of a unity government even though common sense suggests Robert Mugabe will not surrender any power to his opponent. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has urged Tsvangirai to assume the position and promised it would help ensure a genuine sharing of power. Unfortunately, the SADC is not able to guarantee that will ever happen.

Tsvangirai was faced with a lose-lose position. If he refused to enter the “coalition government,” it meant disaster, if he enters the coalition government it may only result in the disaster being blamed on him as well as on Mugabe. The SADC promised to ensure a 12 member supervisory board would make certain there would be sharing of power, but that is a hope rather than an assurance.

Life In The Fantasy Of Mugabeland!

There is a land far away in which a wondrous Prince St. Bobby rules as only gallant prince can in a world in which there is poverty and hunger. At night, the brave Prince St. Bobby, gathers children around the fire and recounts tales of his bravery against the hated “colonists” and when children ask for food, he smiles, and announces he has something better to offer– more tales of his brave exploits in the wars against the bad, bad colonialists. Of course, there are always evil enemies who linger in the dark and help the bad colonists, but brave St. Bobby is not afraid. In times of darkness he sends his wife, the beautiful princess, on shopping trips in order to bring light into the darkness of Mugabeland which is surrounded by evil goblins and ghosts.

St. Bobby has a rival, the evil Morgan T., who demands that St. Bobby allow evil people to have power such as deciding who is in the police, but St. Bobby knows evil Morgan T. wants those who are starving to get jobs and bread. St. Bobby loves his people and if he allowed them to have bread and jobs they would become lazy and gain weight. He so wants people to be thin and lean so they will be healthy in poverty and become fast runners to win races in the Olympics.

Now, the evil and crafty enemies of St. Bobby spread tales that he only rewards his friends and allies, but the people of Mugabeland know it is better for them that all evil colonialists are gone along with their productive farms and jobs. Mugabeland people are much happier because who needs bread and hospitals if it means the friends of St. Bobby could not run farms into the ground?

There are legends spreading through Mugabeland that the evil Morgan T. wants to have is people in charge of the police and army. St. Bobby has tried over and over again to explain that power sharing means I have the power and Morgan T. shares in knowing that I have the power. Undoubtedly, evil Morgan T’s mind has been captured by the evil witches of England who spend their evenings casting spells over those who do not adore St. Bobby.

I have heard it told that St. Bobby wanders the fields of Mugabeland at night sighing over each dead body that has been killed by the evil colonialists. On some nights his friend, Count Thabo, from neighboring Mbekiland sits around the campfire where both share exploits from their brave days fighting the evil English demons. The people of Mugabeland sleep peacefully each night, in fact, so peacefully, they probably never will awake. Thank God for St. Bobby whose only goal is to make Mugabeland a place in which all the people have gone except for soldiers, and police, and the court of St. Bobby.

An African Tragedy–African Leaders!

It is nearly a year since the people of Zimbabwe, elected Morgan Tsvangirai as their president, but he never took office because the existing president, Robert Mugabe, would never allow anyone but himself to rule the nation. During the ensuing months, Mugabe has been politely asked by numerous leaders of Africa to please agree on a coalition government with Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change, but their pleas disappear into the silence of Mugabe’s dictatorial regime. The Southern African Development Community will once again ask him to work with a coalition government format, and, once again, he will ignore their pleas. The SADC wants Mugabe to continue as president and Tsvangirai to become the prime minister.

The major stumbling block is that Tsvangirai wants his party to have a fair share of power in the Cabinet, but Mugabe refuses to give him anything other than a few minor posts. Patrick Chinamasa, the spokesperson of Mugabe, once again said: “We are not going to agree to a reopening of the subject of allocating of ministers.”

Mugabe has arrested dozens of leaders of the MDC, and he wants complete control of the police and army. His concept of sharing, is that Mugabe people have all the power and Tsvangirai can share in the disaster that is Zimbabwe.

Surprise– Mugabe Breaks Off Unity Talks!

Robert Mugabe is still respected by many African leaders for his work in ending British colonial rule of Zimbabwe, but the people of that unfortunate nation detest a man whose only thought in life is perpetuation of power even if that results in starvation, death and diseases. Mugabe once again broke off unity talks with Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change which has won the only democratic election in Zimbabwe in recent years. In September, Mugabe agreed to share power with the MDC, but during the intervening months he has beaten and imprisoned its leaders under the pretext of “security.”

Nothing will change for the people of Zimbabwe unless African leaders take the position that concern for people transcends old friendships. The African Union has to stand up for African rights. The tragedy of modern Africa is failure of African leaders to place the interests of people before their own personal agendas.

Morgan Tsvangirai Denounces Mugabe

Morgan Tsvangirai, according to most objective analysts, won the election for president of Zimbabwe, but his victory was snatched away by President Robert Mugabe whose failed policies have resulted in mass starvation, the departure of millions of people in search of work and bred, and the brutalization of those who remain. Tsvangirai demanded that Mugabe cease his thuggish policies toward leaders of the Movement for Democratic Change and adhere to the power-sharing agreement that had been signed last fall. These (arrest of MDC leaders) must stop immediately and those abducted and illegally detained must be released immediately and unconditionally.”

Tsvangirai still insists he wants to abide by the power sharing agreement that former South African president Mibeki reluctantly supported. The MDC blames the failure of Mbeki to actively support power-sharing is the main reason Mugabe behaves as though no such agreement was ever made. It is time for the African Union to finally stand up in support of the people of Zimbabwe and all those oppressed in Africa.