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Mbeki Reveals Friendship With Mugabe IS The Issue!

Robert Mugabe has run Zimbabwe for over thirty years during which time this once prosperous nation has been transformed into failed economy and over three million forced to flee the country in order to avoid starvation. Morgan Tsvangirai of the Democratic Movement for Change(DMC) won the first election for president but Mugabe refused to recognize the election. Since then DMC workers have been beaten, tortured and killed, but the so-called “mediator,” Thabo Mbeki, believes all problems in the nation are the result of Tsvangirai refusing to cooperate with a dictator and bully. The agreement called for a coalition government in which Tsvangirai would have real power, but Mugabe refuses to hand over any power. His close friend, Mbeki, believes whatever deal old Robert does must be correct and in a recent letter to the Star of South Africa he blasted Tsvangirai.

Where are the Mbeki letters to the Star about the torture and killing of MDC leaders? Where are the letters to the Star about millions on the verge of starvation due to Mugabe policies? Mbeki has voided his role as a “mediator” because he refuses to examine issues in an impartial manner. Mbeki has been rejected by South Africans and now is rejected by any decent human being on planet Earth.

SADC To Zimbabwe -Compromise Or Chaos!

The Southern African Community Development organization has been attempting for months to bring to fruition a compromise in the deadlocked situation of Zimbabwe. Petty tyrant President Robert Mugabe has refused to allow his rival, Morgan Tsvangirai, to have access to any power in the so-called “unity government” that was supposed to be created. Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change insist their party must control either the army or police because without such access to equal power, Mugabe’s thugs and henchmen will simply continue their war of terror against innocent people who dare to challenge one party rule in their nation.

Jacob Zuma, who will become the next president of South Africa, emphasized “the SADC must make Zimbabweans reach and agreement.” Thousands of refugees from Zimbabwe are currently in South Africa and can not return to their nation which has collapsed due to disastrous economic policies of Mugabe. South Africa and several other nations, for the first time, have come out against a man who fought for colonialism because Mugabe is an incompetent ruler.

South Africa Hosts Regional Meeting On Zimbabwe

South Africa has asked for a meeting with other members of the Southern African Development Community(SADC) is a desperate effort to achieve some form of resolution of the current impasse in Zimbabwe. African leaders will assemble on Sunday in an effort to find a way to get President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to accede to the need of compromising with his opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC). Africa is close to confronting a major human disaster since millions of Zimbabweans are on the verge of starvation due to the disastrous economic policies of Mugabe who has transformed a once prosperous nation into a basket case of poverty.

President Ian Khama of Botswana, one of Mugabe’s fiercest critics, demanded a new and honest election in Zimbabwe. “We strongly believe that the one viable way forward in Zimbabwe is to have a rerun of the presidential election under full international sponsorship and supervision.” It is unlikely Mugabe will accede to an honest election because he knows for certain he will lose.

Unfortunately, the only message that will get through to Mulgabe and his thieving henchmen is force.

Zimbabwe Human Rights Violated By Mugabe

Amnesty International is frightened at the prospect of mass starvation in Zimbabwe unless something is done to get a government organized which can address the horrible economic conditions facing their country. Human rights abuse continues under the authoritarian regime of Robert Mugabe even as millions face the prospect of starvation brought on by the inept and morally illegal economic policies of the current government. Inflation has reached astronomical levels unheard of in human history and food is denied people based on their political views. Central to the inability of forming a coalition government is refusal on the part of Mugabe to share power with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC)led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

As Mugabe continues his fight for power because he fears an honest government will uncover corruption on the part of his cronies and allies, the prospect for economic recover grows dimmer. Attempts to protest are met by beatings and imprisonment since Mugabe fears the expression of honest public opinion.

Tsvangirai Demands Equal Treatment From Mugabe

Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, let loose a furious demand to President Mugabe to finally adhere to the power-sharing agreement he had reached with the MDC in September. As of this point, the man who supposedly is to share power in the government of Zimbabwe is now allowed to possess a passport that could be used to leave the country. The Southern African Community Development is expected in the nation’s capital in the coming days in order to try their best to assist the MDC to obtain the power it was promised due to the mediation efforts of former president Mbeki of South Africa.

In a sense, the issuance of a passport to Tsvangirai is a symbol of trust and cooperation on the part of Mugabe and the other thugs who currently run Zimbabwe. If they can’t even allow the man who is supposed to share governing access to a passport, what can the ordinary people of Zimbabwe expect from these oppressive criminals?

Tsvangirai-If Mugabe Controls Army-We Control Police!

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) in Zimbabwe, made it clear to the Mugabe government that if it wishes to retain control over the armed forces, his party must have control over the police. Mugabe has used the police to beat, harass, rape and kill MDC members and it would be an invitation to disaster to allow Mugabe complete control over armed forces in the nation. “If (Mugabe’s) Zanu-PF takes Defense, we take Home Affairs, that is not negotiable.” Mugabe interpreted a “power-sharing agreement” to mean his party controlled the police, the army, Finance and other key ministries in a nation that due to his inept leadership now endures a 11,000,000% inflation rate and at least half the country faces starvation in the coming months.

Tsvangirai and the MDC have no other choice but to insist on assuming control of Zimbabwe. The nation is in a state of complete collapse due to the Mugabe rule and allowing him to continue enjoying unchecked power is simply ensuring starvation for millions.

Tsvangirai said he would attend the SADC meeting in Harare where African leaders will attempt to persuade Mugabe to compromise if he really cares about the people of his nation.

Zimbabwe Tragedy Continues

Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Zimbabwean Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) finally decided it was a waste of time to once again attend a meeting with President Mugabe who refuses to compromise on key issues. Of course, if he tried attending it would require a passport for the opposition leader, who actually won the presidential race in March, and Mugabe was in no hurry to issue one. Most probably, Tsvangirai has come to the realization that Mugabe is too frightened to surrender power given that his cronies have stolen millions and fear an honest government would send them to jail. He has repeatedly attempted to compromise, but Mugabe will not surrender any key posts in the Cabinet, particularly any related to law and order.

The ball is in the court of the African community. Will they allow the people of Zimbabwe to be oppressed and brutalized or will they assert the principle of democracy? There is not much Morgan Tsvangirai can dooth

Ongoing Tragedy Of Zimbabwe Grows Worse

Former President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa who arranged a power-sharing agreement between Robert Mugabe and the opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is becoming concerned that his efforts have collapsed in failure. President Mugabe is not budging in his desire to control all major ministries in the Cabinet and allow his opponents some minor posts even though the agreement called for equality of power in government. Tsvangirai, said after four days of discussions,” we have failed to agree on… the equitable allocation of ministerial posts and the composition of the Cabinet.”

The bottom line for Mugabe is that his cronies in crime fear having Tsvangirai appoint honest people to important government posts where they would investigate crime and corruption. Mugabe is fighting a rear guard action that will prove disastrous to the people of Zimbabwe. Unless, Mugabe agrees to real power-sharing, the outside world will call off all aid.

Zimbabwe Unravels As Mugabe Demands Total Power

Morgan Tsvangirai, opposition leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) threatened to pull out of the power-sharing deal with Robert Mugabe because the dictatorial president refuses to allow sharing of power that was part of the original agreement. He accused the president’s political party, the ZANU-PF of insisting on retaining all important positions in the Cabinet despite the fact their nation was now experiencing an unheard of 213,000,000 inflation percent. Somehow, the people who wrecked the Zimbabwean economy want to retain control of their disaster. “If they(ZANU-PF) do it that way, we have no right to be part of such an arrangement.. The people have suffered. but if it means suffering the more in order for them to g et what is at stake, then so be it..”

Tsvangirai is asking former president Mbeki of South Africa to come to Zmbabwe and try to persuade his good friend, Robert Mugabe, to act rationally. Mugabe fears surrendering control of the military, police or economic ministries since a new administration might take back what was stolen from the people of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe Digs In To Retain Zimbabwe Power

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has been fighting a rear guard battle to retain power in his nation even though most people in the country want a shift in leadership. The recent resignation of President Mbeki in South Africa who was serving in the role of mediator has been seized by Mugabe to back away from an agreement to share power with his rival, Morgan Tsvanagirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC). The head of Mugabe’s political party, Zanu-PF, rejected an offer from Mbeki to continue in his role as mediator. It is now clear Mugabe’s interpretation of “power sharing” is that he retains control over the police, army, state security and the economy while Tsvangirai can be handed over unimportant tasks to keep him away from the needed task of reorganizing the nation’s economy in order to avoid mass starvation.’

“Anyone who says there is a deadlock is being mischievous,” said Zanu PF spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa, “there is a commitment on all of us to make things work.” Unless outside force is exerted upon Mugabe the only power sharing he will commit to is for Tsvangirai to be given unimportant roles while the president and his clique continue to rob the nation blind and allow millions to starve.