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New Look Zimbabwe Government

The new look Zimbabwe coalition government that was hammered out after months of negotiation led by South African President Mbeki, has finally been described to the public. th new government will have six executive posts headed by President Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai in the newly created position of prime minister. Mugabe will chair the National
Security Council which includes the army, police, and secret services, but Tsvangirai will also be a member of this group. The meetings should be interesting, given that the police, army, and secret services have been responsible for physically assaulting Tsvangirai. Mugabe has promised to be allies with his former enemy, a statement that most probably reflects his desperation. His crazy policies have wrecked the economy as well as brutalized countless thousands and forced nearly 3,000,00 to flee the nation.

Mugabe needs this agreement more than anyone. Unless, he agreed to a coalition government there would have been no prospect of receiving aid from any country either in Africa or the West. He is trapped in the chaos he created and only Tsvangirai can save what little remains of a nation that has been brutalized and economically destroyed.

Mugabe Signs Power Sharing Agreement, Now What?

President Robert Mugabe, under tremendous pressure from African nations and the world, was finally forced to accept a power sharing agreement with opposition leader Morgan Tsvnagirai. The man who has ruled Zimbabwe for a quarter of a century, made certain the accord will protect both himself and his cronies from criminal prosecution. The Cabinet will be divided between the Mugabe thugs who have murdered innocent people, looted the banks, taken land from prosperous farmers for their own inept use and bullied their way to the collapse of a once prosperous nation. His friends will not go to jail, but they will eventually be recognized by the people of Zimbabwe as the group which destroyed their nation due to their greed and dislike of democratic principles.

Under the agreement, Mugabe retains the title of president, but the day-by-day business of government is under the control of Tsvangirai. Mugabe wants to retain control of the military but Tsvangirai is seeking to gain reigns over the police so that force can be reconstituted as a symbol of a new era in which those with power, regard the people of the nation as their masters, not their servants.

Mugabe Will Not Budge -Thanks To Mbeki Support!

This week Zimbabwe faces a time when decisions made or not made will shape the nation’s future. President Mugabe has yet to show any sign that he is willing to enter into a genuine power sharing arrangement with Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) Mugabe intends to open Parliament without having attained a compromise with his opponents. The economy has completely collapsed with an inflation rate of thirteen million percent. It appears President Mbeki of South Africa, a close friend of Mugabe, has sold the Southern African Development Community(SADC) a bill of goods that Tsvangirai is the one holding up an agreement.

Unless there is a genuine power sharing agreement, no outside investors will provide any assistance to the failed nation. Mugabe, frankly, does not give a damn and will appoint hardline political and military supporters to show the world he is tough and will not bend an inch. The ruling clique around Mubabe fears the presence of honest people in the Cabinet who will investigate the thugs around the president who have robbed the nation of millions. Neither do they wish to have an investigation into their murderous attacks on MDC supporters. Mugabe will not blink. The question is whether the world will blink.

Tsvangirai Calls For Africa To Solve Zimbabwe Problems

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) in Zimbabwe, called for African nations to step in and help end the impasse in his country that has been caused by the refusal of President Mugabe to accept a sharing of power after he stole the presidential election in June. MDC spokesperson, George Sibotshiwe said: “the Zimbabwean issue is far from resolved ands so the continent as a whole has a responsibility to continue to engage with us in finding solutions.” Most observers believe Mugabe just will not surrender meaningful power because he and his clique have too much to lose if an honest government assumes power.

The dilemma for Mugabe is without assent by Tsvangirai he cannot access billions of dollars in foreign aid. His dilemma is maintaining the status quo and watching his nation sink even further into disaster or accept power sharing and have his friends possibly lose money.

Zimbabwean Leader Prevented From Leaving Country!

Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change,(MDC) was detained at the Haare airport and prevented from leaving to attend a meeting of the Southern African
Development Community(SADC) where President Mbeki of South Africa was to inform the group of progress being made to resolve issues in Zimbawe. “They have taken our passports,” said Tsvangirai, “this is a reflection of their(MUgabe) insincerity. They want to talk to us, yet they behave like hooligans.” The incident occurred as reports were circulating in Haare that President Mugabe was trying to get around African demands he share power with Tsvangirai by making a separate agreement with a small faction that has broken away from the MDC. Tsvangirai said he would continue talks with Mugabe despite the provocation created by denying him the right to attend an important African meeting.

President Mbeki is under pressure from the SADC which wants results of an agreement. There is widespread concern at failure on the part of Mbeki to be even-handed in dealing with the conflict because many believe he has been protecting President Mugabe. Many believe if Mbeki had been more forceful in denouncing the Mugabe instigated violence in Zimbabwe there might have been greater effort on the part of the Zimbabwean leader to come to the negotiating table in a more concerned manner.

Zimbabwe Heads For Peace– We All Hope!

There is increasing optimism that President Mugabe of Zimbabwe will sign a power sharing agreement within the coming days. Under terms of this government arrangement, Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, will assume the new role of prime minister. A major stumbling block was overcome when Tsvangirai agreed to recognize the legitimacy of the Mugabe election as president. The issues remaining revolve around specifics pertaining the exact powers that would be entrusted to Tsvangirai and which would continue being carried out by President Mugabe.

Once an agreement is made it will take a few weeks in order to change the Constitution to take into account changes such as creating the position of prime minister. However, once a government attempts to deal with the economic disaster that is currently Zimbabwe it will require taking away farm lands seized by followers of Mugabe who have ruined these lands and created food problems. Will they go quietly from farms they lack the expertise to run?

Zimbabwe Talks Proceeding-Is Solution Possible?

South African President Thabo Mbeki continues flying back and forth from his country to Zimbabwe in an effort to resolve the conflict between Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) who won the fair election in March, 2008 and President Mugabe who won the fraudulent election in June of this year. Mbeki has instituted a blackout on information regarding progress of the discussions although rumors continue circulating of some form of power sharing between the men. President Mbeki is under pressure to show some results prior to the Southern African Development Community(SADC) meeting at which some participants already are demanding retaliation against Mugabe for the violence he has inflicted on his nation. Botswana called for barring Mugabe on grounds he is not the legitimate ruler of the nation.

Mbeki failure to initiate mediation efforts in the spring of this year encouraged Mugabe to proceed with the violence accompanying his “election” in June. His supporters were encouraged to brutalize, rape and kill and now these individuals fear if Morgan Tsvangirai assumes power they will be prosecuted.

African Community Pushes For Zimbabwe Peace

The South Africa Development Community (SADC) which has been pushing for President Mugabe and his rival Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) to cooperate made clear both parties had to be more willing to display conciliation. A SDAC summit to “discuss the Zimbabwean crisis in light of the talks” was convened to make it clear to President Mugabe, in particular, he must be ready to give the MDC a greater voice in governing Zimbabwe. The will of the people of Zimbabwe was expressed in March, 2008 elections when Morgan Tsvbangirai won a majority of votes cast, but it is unlikely what the people desire will ever come to fruition due to the intransigent behavior of Mugabe and his ruthless henchmen who fear abandoning power.

Morgan Tsvangirai said he was “fairly satisfied” with the talks, but even as he spoke, the Zimbabwean Lawyers for Human Rights issued demands for Mugabe’s so-called “war veterans” to cease their intimidation and harassment campaign against followers of the MDC. There continue to be examples of the “war veterans”(few of whom ever fought in the struggle against Great Britain for independence) are continuing their policy of brutal attacks on anyone who opposes the Mugabe regime.

Zimbabwe Hopes For Recovery Depend On Peace Talks

Zimbabwe once was a fairly prosperous nation until President Robert Mugabe destroyed it by driving out efficient farmers and turning over their land to his henchmen. He stole an election and has brutalized his own people. Zimbabwe now ranks as having the highest inflation rate of any nation in the world –2.2 million percent. In fact, people now exchange $1 billion notes. Businessmen are waiting anxiously for the outcome of talks that begin today between Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) and Mugabe which hopefully will result in placing Tsvangirai in a key role in government. There is growing belief Mugabe finally agreed to talk because even he knows the entire economy has collapsed.

Political talks will be of no avail unless the business and labor union communities are quickly brought into the dialogue. There is need for immediate action to restore farms to their former owners, to allow business to function without interference from Mugabe’s political cronies, and confidence restored. A Mugabe government will never obtain needed outside financial resources and, most probably, the tired old tyrant has finally succumbed to reality.

Mugabe Agrees To Share Power With Tsvangirai

After months of conducting a brutal campaign against Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe, President Mugabe agreed to work with his rival in order to create the semblance of order in the nation that has been torn to pieces by refusal on the part of Mugabe to surrender his office. President Mbeki of South Africa, finally awoke from his slumber of ignoring brutality, and persuaded Mugabe to reach out to his rival and agree to work in a cooperative manner. “We sit here in order for us to chart a new way,” said Mugabe, ” a new way of political interaction. We must now act as Zimbabweans, think as Zimbabweans, and act as Zimbabweans.” Despite misgivings about the thuggish manner in which Mugabe has behaved, Morgan Tsvangirai pledged his cooperation. Both agreed on the need to amend the Constitution and most probably adopt the compromise Kenya developed last year– a president and a prime minister who share power.

Although both men are now promising to cooperate, the nation is in a shambles as a result of Mugabe’s economic policies which destroyed farming in the nation. Inflation is now at 2.2 million percent and over two million people have fled the country. Tsvangirai must become the prime minister and be given power to restore the farm economy. In doing that, it would force Mugabe’s friends and loyalists to give up the land they legally stole.