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Report Slams German Programs On Immigrant Integration

In the aftermath of World War II, the German population was decimated by huge losses of men during the war and when an economic boom took off, there was need to bring in “guest workers.” Most of the original guest workers came from Turkey and for the first time in German history there was need to deal with integration of people who had a different religion and many differing cultural values and behaviors. According to a report by the Institute for Population and Development the integration of descendants of those guest workers still has not worked. The German government now offers programs in language, culture, and values to newcomers but few of the original descendants attend those classes. The report describes how many of the original immigrant group still lack basic German language skills as well as the education to obtain high tech jobs.

There is something rather strange about people who lived in Germany for half a century and supposedly their children attended schools and learned German and about the culture of their new land. Didn’t schools develop multicultural programs to assist these children? It is one thing for an immigrant to struggle with language issues, it is another when children attend school and are unable to become proficient in language and work skills. Something is rotten in the state of Germany.