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Diplomacy Not Guns To Solve Turk Problems With Kurds!

Ahmet Turk, leader of Turkey’s Democratic Society Party(DIP), urged his nation to move away from the current focus on military action and consider the possibility of employing other strategies in order to end the conflict with Kurdish militants. He told the Turkish Daily News neither guns nor violence are effective means of dealing with nationalistic desires of Kurds. He shared his views in light of recent bombing attacks in Turkey which many analysts attribute to Kurdish followers of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party(PKK) who were sending a message related to recent bombings in Kurdistan by the Turkish air force. Turk and his party have been criticized for their refusal to label the PKK as a terrorist organization. Turk has told leaders of the PKK their resort to violence will never achieve aims of Kurds in Turkey to equal treatment and he believes the Turkish government should undertake a new dialogue with the PKK.

Turk welcomed the announcement by Prime Minister Erdogan of extensive investment of money to develop Kurdish areas of Turkey but he does not believe money alone will resolve issues between Kurdish national feelings and Turkey. He wants a major effort to further democracy in those areas of Turkey as well as providing Kurds a sense they have an equal voice in what happens in their nation.

Turk fears that efforts to close down his party will send a message to Kurds their views are not respected and they are an unwanted people living under an occupation by outsiders. Turk’s common sense approach to issues of Kurds living in a nation which does not afford them a voice in government is simply common sense.

Turkish Army Continues Air Attacks On Kurds

Turkish war planes for the third time bombed bases of the outlawed Kurdish Workers Party(PKK) with indications such assaults would not cease in the forseeable future. A statement said:”The PKK will see and understand that there is no secure place left in Iraq’s north,and it will understand that it stands no chance against the Turkish republic.” Kurdish sources claim the civilian population go out of villages prior to the Turkish attack and none were killed. Massoud Barzani, who heads the Kurdish community, claimed the air attacks were really designed to crush his government.

The US State Department supported air attacks on Kurdistan on grounds of the “right of pursuit,” a doctrine the Bush administration uses to justify attacking other areas of the world. These air attacks serve as emotional aid to the Turkish government, but are of limited military value. It is difficult to cite a single example in 20th century history in which air assaults on rebel mountainous bases have achieved victory. Efforts of the Turkish government on economic assistance and aiding development of educational facilities in Kurdish areas of its nation are productive ways to defeat the PKK. The best way to defeat insurgents is gaining the confidence and support of the local population. Bombing their villages is the best guarantee they will support the rebels.