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Armenia And Turkey, Will It Ever End?

Most people today believe the Israel-Palestinian conflict is the longest lasting center of anger between two peoples, but the Turkish-Armenian dispute predates any current issue in the world. Most objective historians agree the Ottoman Empire engaged in genocidal actions against Armenians in their country and killed hundreds of thousands. Even the US Ambassador to Turkey sent back reports of the slaughter, but to millions of Turkish people acknowledging such a slaughter is somehow an insult to their very being. A Turkish court annulled a ruling that dismissed demands for the criminal prosecution of individuals who initiated an Internet campaign to issue a public apology to Armenians. The prosecutor’s office had decided there was no need for criminal prosecution, but the court ruled otherwise.

Turks have every right to believe what they wish concerning the Armenian genocide. Denial is an old human strategy of enabling people to handle difficult emotional problems. But, prosecuting people who wish to apologize is ludicrous.