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Armenian Genocide Deniers Go Ballistic!

The easiest way to attract attention in Turkey to oneself is to become furious when anyone dares suggest that Armenians were murdered in a genocidal attack by the Ottoman empire. A group of Turkish intellectuals issues an apology to their Armenian brothers and sisters and expressed their sorrow that Armenians were killed by the thousands. Naturally, an apology to Armenians is viewed by many as tantamount to expressing treason against the Turkish state. President Abdullah Gul has urged calm in discussion of the issue, but even him mild statement led to charges he is really a secret Armenian. Delvet Bahceli, leader of the Nationalist Movement Party(MHP) expressed his anger by stating bluntly: “I am ashamed of the person who initiated the campaign. We are the Turkish nation should be ashamed of them.”

This debate has gone for nearly a hundred years, and it can be ended by a simple act. Appoint a committee of prominent historians from various nations in the world and charge that group to study the issue and issue a report. Hopefully, both Armenians and Turks, can assume historians will be objective. Anger and hate on both sides has to end, and the resolution is one that only objective historians can provide.