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Turkey At It Again- Claiming Armenian Genocide A Myth

The Turkish government is at it again– attacking those who seek to teach and remember the Armenian genocide that occurred under the Otttoman empire. Unlike, Turkish newspapers, we do not preface the word, “genocide” by “alleged.” It happened, there are hundreds of eye witness accounts including those from American diplomats who were stationed in Turkey at the time. Now, the Turkish government, apparently having nothing better to do, is angry at the Canadian Education Ministry for authorizing an 11th grade curriculum on genocide that deals with the Holocaust, Rwanda and the blatant Turkish massacre of innocent Armenians, as well as rape of thousands of women. Turkey was previously upset because the Canadian parliament in 2004 passed a resolution on the genocide and last yar, April 24th was set aside as a day of memory for those who died during the ACTUAL MASSACRE.

It is time for Turkey to cease harassing other nations because they wish to speak out about the Armenian genocide. Is Turkey going to allow other nations to decide what is taught in Turkish schools? I doubt it.