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Turkish Women Up In Arms At TV Show

Many Turkish female rights groups are furious at a new TV program which winds up depicting women as idiots who know little about the world around them. The show, “Oh My Lovely,” has female and male teams. The girls are asked questions such as what does a locksmith do or what is a baboon, and, naturally, there are enough attractive girls in the world who don’t know the function of a locksmith. The task of the boys is to guess which female answered the questions correctly. The approach is similar to the Jay Leno episodes in which he asks questions such as who is Washington D.C. named after and if one asks enough people the question there is bound to be someone who does not know the answer. Show producers blame the failure of schools to educate people as the reason some girls foul up on questions.

It is not surprising to identify ignorant women. Of course, turn around might also be interesting. Why not episodes in which males are asked to answer the same questions while women guess who is the idiot male? This is simply much ado about nothing.

How about a TV show which poses historical questions to producers of TV shows?