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Rwanda Supports Death In Congo

A decade ago, the Tutsi people of Rwanda were attacked by Hutus and subjected to the horror of a genocide in which over 800,000 were killed. Today, according to a UN report, the government of Rwanda is providing military support to Tutsi rebels fighting in the Congo who have helped to kill over 5,000,000 and drive millions of others into exile. The report also cites evidence the government of the Congo is also helping to fuel conflict. As the UN investigating committee notes, “this is the most concrete evidence so far of direct government involvement in militias. For years, Rwanda and Congo have been dancing around the international community, saying prove it. This proves it.”

Among the horrible events discussed in the report is efforts by the government of Rwanda to recruit soldiers, including children and supply military equipment for a war that is genocidal in operation. How can people who endured a genocide just fifteen years ago, support genocide!! On the flip side, it appears the Congo government is supporting the Hutus who kill people in Congo. Who are these leaders?

Congo Being Torn To Pieces And No One Cares

Each passing day reveals increasing chaos in the Congo as its government has virtually lost power to enforce its own will upon the nation. Rebel armies cut across the Congo leaving death and destruction in their wake and it is becoming clear that an army which is connected to the Tutsi government of Rwanda has become a dominant force in the country. The National Congress for the Defense of the People(CNDP) led by Llaurent Nkunda, a renegade general from the Rwanda army, is slashing his way toward the capital city of Kinshasa where President Kabila waits without sufficient soldiers to even put up a good fight. In the meantime, rebel forces take over villages and all too often assault women and take food from the population. Actually, some villagers are beginning to establish relations with rebel forces who they believe at least are not as brutal as government forces.

Nkunda argues the Congo gave refuge to Hutu soldiers who fled Rwanda years ago after their failed genocide to wipe out the Tutsi minority failed. The Congo government believes Nkunda is merely a puppet of the Rwanda government and seeks to take over the entire country of the Congo.

There are fears of another genocide if Nkunda seeks out Hutus and begins killing them. The ironic aspect of the situation is that Tutsi Rwandans were subject to a genocide and now they are instruments of a potential genocide. Do they even realize the similarity?

The Tragedy Of The Congo Goes On

The body count of dead Americans in Iraq has reached four thousand, tens of thousands of Iraqis and Afghan people have died, and George Bush insists America must stand tall in the fight to extend democracy. Of course, there is never a word from the United States of the European Union concerning events in the Congo where more people have died than in any conflict since the end of World War II. Current estimates are at least five million are dead, and thousands of women have been raped, and thousands of children forced to kill family members so they have no home except serving in some rebel army.

According to Johann Hari, the official story of what happened in the Congo was after the Rwanda massacre in which Hutus killed thousands of Tutsi and then lost, they fled to the Congo for safety. The real story is exploitation of Congo’s incredible riches by businessmen from Africa, Europe and elsewhere who use soldiers to get at gold, diamonds, coltan and other riches waiting to be taken by whoever has an army to seize it. The 17,000 man UN army is unable to halt the carnage which never stops and the rapes which destroy human life.

If George Bush really cared about democracy, he would have sent American troops into the Congo, not into Iraq.

The Tragedy That Is The Congo

George Bush insisted there was a need to invade Iraq in order to further the forces of democracy, but not once has the American president looked at Africa where a great human tragedy has been unfolding in the Democratic Democratic Republic of the Congo. An
estimated four million people have died in the brutal jungles of that unfortunate land and the killing and raping and destruction go on and on. UN peacekeeping troops are pleading for help to deal with the latest outbreak of violence where forces from neighboring Rwanda have been fighting under the direction of a renegade general named Laurent Nkunda. The UN force of 17,000 troops is attempting to assist the poorly armed troops of the Congo government.

Nkunda claims he is fighting troops connected to the Hutu forces which fled Rwanda after their failed attempt to slaughter Tutsi people in that country. He now claims his goal is to “liberate” the Congo. The innocent people of the Congo are unprotected and furious and disheartened at fighting that goes on and on.

By the way, President Bush, have you once thought about the people of the Congo in your desire to spread democracy?

Violence Continues In The Congo

Thousands of refugees poured out of camps in the eastern area of the Democratic Republic of Congo after Tutsi dominated insurgents attacked the army. Aya Shneerson of the UN said “There’s a massive movement of displaced toward Goma. It’s thousands of people. They’re packed onto the road carrying whatever they can carry.” The UN believes in the past few months an estimated 370,000 people have been displaced by the violence raging in the Congo. It is apparent Congo’s armed forces are not capable of defending the country against the various groups which have taken over large areas of the country. Hutus from Rwanda, who killed an estimated 800,000 Tutsis fled that nation and moved into the Congo after the Tutsi government overthrew the Hutu government.

It is estimated that about 3,000,000 people have died in the Congo since the new century began, but the world remains indifferent to this tragedy. Somehow, the death of these millions does not register on the minds of the western world. They ignore the tragedy of the Congo and people die.