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Chavez-Mouth That Roars Seeks Opposition Silence

Hugo Chavez preaches solidarity with the working class and argues those with wealth are the exploiters of the nation. After all, the Supreme Leader knows what is best and therefore why allow those who oppose to argue his faults via the media. He ordered the closing of 34 radio stations not because they say things which he does not like, since to admit such an idea would open talk that he is a tyrant. No, “it is not that we have to shut some radio stations, we are implementing the law. We have to put them back in the hands of people and not the bourgeoisie.” Actually, the people of Venezuela are witnessing a crackdown on freedom of expression. The analogy between Chavez and Iranian clerics bears a striking similarity.

It is rare for Hugo, the mouse that roars, to make a speech without referring to “the people.” For some reason, the Chavez family is making millions in the name of “the people.” It is great for people knowing the rich and powerful are being replaced by the rich and powerful.