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Obese Get Twofer On Airline Seats!

Anyone who has ever been on an airline has, at one time or another, wound up sitting next to someone who was somewhat obese and spent the two hours feeling cramped and confined. The Canadian Supreme Court ruled in favor of the right of an obese person to two seats for the price of one on grounds, people who are “functionally disabled by obesity” have a right to spread out into an extra seat. The ruling applies to Canadian airlines.

The Court decision raises interesting legal points about the issue of which rights do other people who are “functionally disabled” possess. For example, what about the non-stop talking person next to you who will not shut up until the plane lands, does he have a “functionally disability” which requires giving him two seats in order to ensure the right of privacy for his neighbors? What about the person who has a “functional disability” requiring her head to fall on your shoulder as she snores her way into sleep oblivion? Should she be awarded two seats to allow her head to slam down into an empty chair? Of course, there is always the “elbow disabled” man who never ceases jabbing your side with his elbows? I say give him two seats.

Of course, I belong to the “silent disabled” man who wants privacy and doesn’t like anyone near me on a plane. The next time I check in I will insist on two seats for the price of one.