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Will The Real Benjamin Netanyahu Stand Up!

There are times when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a riddle wrapped in an enigma when it comes to discussing his ideas concerning peace in the Middle East. After speaking with President Obama, the Israel leader announced he is prepared to open peace talks with Syria without any preconditions. “I said I was ready to immediately open peace talks with the Palestinians, by the way, with Syria as well, of course, without preconditions.” He emphasized the importance to Israel of emerging from any negotiations with its security guaranteed. Netanyahu also suggested the importance of involving other Arab nations in any peace negotiations. He wants any agreement to have the support of all Arab nations in order to avoid problems about who is responsible if an agreement is not implemented.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton emphasized the importance of Israel agreeing to a two state solution. However, an aide to Netanyahu ridiculed such an idea to reporters. Later, Ron Demer told the media: “I told reporters that the focus by the media on the concept of solving the Israel-Palestinian issue though a two state solutions is childish and stupid, but I deny that I described the idea that way.” Any other comment?

No Substitute For Two State Solution Says Merkel

Since the end of World War II, Germany has been among the staunchest supporters of the state of Israel. German Chancellor Angela Merkel came out strongly in favor of a two state solution in the Israel-Palestine issue even though Prime Minister Netanyahu has embraced the idea. “There is no alternative to such a solution” she told Arab leaders. “We hope the new Israel government will make progress here with the Palestinian forces.” Her comments simply echoed those of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The question is –will the government of Israel confront reality and emerge from the bunker of denial?

Merkel, like many European leaders, believes settling the Israel-Palestinian issue is the first step in creating conditions that will allow resolving issues with the Iranian government. Most Arab nations are finally willing to recognize the existence of Israel, something that Israeli leaders have wished for over the past decades. It is time for Israel to trust because only friendship and trust will lead to long term solutions.

Netanyahu Backs Down Due To Obama Pressure

It is slowly dawning on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that his dear friend George Bush is no longer president of the United States. After making clear he would not discuss the issue of a Palestinian state unless Arabs recognized Israel as a Jewish state, he changed his mind and indicated a willingness to engage in discussions with Abbas without this precondition. It is reported that Defense Minister Barak made clear to Netanyahu the United States would not support his views and he had to be flexible. The United States has made clear it wants the creation of a Palestinian state and Netanyahu hopefully got the message when his visit with President Obama was cancelled.

Perhaps, the most intelligent move Netanyahu can make is to fire his loud mouthed racist foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman as a show of independence from the crazies on the right of Israel politics. George Bush is in Texas. Do you get the point, Mr.Netanyahu??

Obama Gets Ready To Clash With Netanyahu

The government of Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman has yet to grasp that George Bush is no longer president of the United States and President Barack Obama wants peace in the Middle East even if it means telling Israel to take a step into reality and get out of its bunker mentality. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the mouth that roars nonsense insists Israel is not bound by prior agreements such as the Annapolis agreement and mumbles about it is “time for new ideas.” Of course, his concept of “new ideas” means rejecting any Palestinian views and desires. He accused those who criticize his opposition to the Annapolis agreement s “trying to build a Galut state instead of a Jewish state, that would give up the national interest and honor.”

The American State Department quickly responded to remarks by the Israel foreign minister. Spokesperson Robert Wood made clear the Obama administration is committed “to the two state solution” and special envoy George Mitchell will be visiting the area to reinforce that belief.

Israel still does not understand that most American Jews will support Obama’s views in support of a two-state solution. George Bush is in Texas, not the White House.

Palestinian Leader: Time Running Out For Peace

Sari Nusseibeh, the highly respected president of Al-Quds University, told an Haaretz reporter that time to achieve a viable two nation solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is running out. He derided the latest Olmert offer which called for Israel to annex 7% of the West Bank while giving Palestinians some desert land in the Negev as compensation. Nusseibeh argues moderate Palestinian leaders for twenty years have been trying to persuade their people to accept a state based on 1967 lines while Israel has been doing everything possible to destroy that possibility. “You cannot negotiate anything about that status if you don’t talk about Jerusalem. Final status consists primarily, I believe, of Jerusalem and refugees. If you want to postpone Jerusalem, you postpone refugees. Really, you are not dealing with the problem. You have to discuss these issues and that is exactly where the trade-off has to be made.”

He insisted he still wants a two state solution, but if Israel refuses to enter into serious discussions about issues such as the refugee return or the status of Jerusalem, “you start to think about what the alternatives are.” The university president believes Israel must become realistic and recognize that east Jerusalem has to be the capital of a new state of Palestine. “The ideology that Fatah has adopted over the last 15 years– a two state solution– seems to be faltering and with it Fatah is faltering. So, it is time maybe to rethink, to bring Fatah around to a new idea, the old-new idea of one state.”

Nusseibeh is convinced unless there is a breakthrough by the end of this year, many Palestinian leaders like himself will simply walk away from the two state concept and opt to become part of Israel. If that occurs, the worse nightmare for Jews will come true. In fifty years a majority of people living in Israel will be Muslims.