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Iraq Failures Continue

Republicans in Congress like John McCain utter words of complaint because President Obama refused to allow the presence of American troops in Iraq and this is the reason for renewed violence in that country. At this moment, Iraqi soldiers, along with police and armed members of tribes are battling in the streets of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province. The Iraq army i=has enough common sense not to enter the city of Fallujah which is in the control of Sunni groups that have allied with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants who have seized control of many areas of Iraq. Why? Shiite Prime Minister Maliki began a systematic program of anti-Sunni actions including charging Sunni leaders who were working with him to be secret enemies of the country. He refused, as prior agreed, to allow Sunnis to become equal partners in the armed forces. In face of these actions which threatened the existence of Sunnis in Iraq, they have turned towered cooperation with Islamic fundamentalists.

The problem is the government of Maliki which failed to build a religious alliance in which those of all religions would cooperate, obtain equal access to jobs, and equal opportunities to practice their religion. Actually, of the 900,000 Christians who lived in religious peace while Saddam was the ruler, only 400,000 are still in Iraq under the supposed democratic government of Maliki.

Sorry, Senator McCain, the fault is not Obama, it is that of Maliki!