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Pakistan Doesn’t Like Drones But US Does

The ongoing clash between the American military and Pakistan armed forces continues its fierce encounter. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi insists there needs to be trust and his nation does not believel the United States is trusting enough. “I think it is important for us to seek a surplus of trust(instead of) a deficit of trust.” The words come across as helpful, but the reality is an inability on the part of the Pakistan army or government to confront the continued support by its military of Taliban forces. President Zardari insists his government “is committed to eliminating extremism from the society” but his nation is aroused because Taliban leaders who he allowed to take over the Swat Valley flogged a girl.

A major issue between the two nations if use of drones which strike from the sky, blow up buildings and the Americans claim terrorist leaders were killed while Pakistan insists the dead were civilians. Drone attacks will kill, the question is whether they kill the right people.