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Islamic Militants Fighting In Western China

The arrival of the Olympic Games is not merely an opportunity for the Chinese government to display its power and might, but a golden chance for Islamic militants in western areas to let the world know of their existence. A wave of suicide bombing and police shooting left several people dead in the Xinjian Uighur region of China. A group of militants attacked police forces in Kuqa killing police and destroying police vehicles. In the subsequent fighting, three militants blew themselves up. The entire area has now been cordoned off and business is at a standstill.

A few days ago, the previously unknown Turkistan islamic party warned the Chinese government it was prepared to attack planes, trains and buses in their effort to end foreign rule over their region. Chinese authorities continue insisting the Uighur rebels are a threat to the Olympic Games but there is little evidence to support this claim. They are almost two thousand miles away and most probably lack supporters in Beijing who could be of assistance in committing terrorist acts.

There is an element of paranoia within the Chinese government. Over 100,000 troops are in the Beijing area in order to prevent disturbances. There is little likelihood of any major disturbance during the Games.