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British White Racist Terrorist Was Ready To Kill

The media is prone to focus on “terrorists” who come from Muslim or Asian nations rather than dealing with home grown individuals who are ready to bomb and kill. The media employs expressions such as a “militant” or “racist” but rarely terms the individual as a “terrorist.”Neil Livingston, a British white skinned terrorist was arrested by chance at a railway station as he was preparing to unleash violence against those he termed as “non-British.” A spokesman for the police said “this man, who had strong, if not fanatical rightwing leanings and opinions, was on teh cusp of embarking on a campaign of terrorism against those he considered non-British.” He lived with his parents and used their home to develop a bomb making center which would serve to create bombs that he wanted to use against Muslims and other groups.

Mr. Livingston is an ordinary man. He was fired from jobs and had lacked steady employment. This undoubtedly made him seek to find explanations for his downward slide in the economy of the nation and what better answer than immigrants. Unfortunately, there are many Livingstons in the world and more on the way as the recession deepens.

Why Do Governments Suppress The Truth?

The year was 1979 and Blair Peach, a human rights activist from New Zealand was protesting racism during a demonstration in the United Kingdom. During a confrontation with police, one of the policeman smashed his baton onto the head of Peach and killed him. An inquiry was established to investigate the death of Peach, but its results were kept secret not only from the public, but to his family. Thirty years later, Sir Paul Stephenson ordered release of the 30 year old report because there was no reason any government could offer an argument about security or endangering anyone. His family and loved ones will finally learn who was responsible, but it is doubtful if they will ever learn why it took 30 years to get at the truth.

All governments at some point yell “security” as justification for suppressing embarrassing information. Perhaps, President Obama can learn something from this story and allow an investigation into how the US got into the war in Iraq and who authorized torture of human beings.

Tony Blair’s Nightmare– The Truth About Iraq!

Six years ago, Tony Blair had an opportunity to strike a blow for freedom by placing pressure on George Bush not to rush for judgment into the ill-fated war in Iraq. Instead, he played stooge to an ignorant president and an evil vice president whose desire was blood and destruction in the name of democracy. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, after initially stating the inquiry into why a war on Iraq would be held in secret, backtracked and made clear major portions of the inquiry would be open to the public. Tony Blair tried his best to avoid such a spectacle because his current dream is becoming the first president of the European Union who would hold the position for a fixed term of office instead of the current rotation process.

Once Europeans learn how Tony Blair lied and disguised reasons for Great Britain entering the war in Iraq it is doubtful if his candidacy will proceed on schedule. His supporters fear open hearings will lead to “mob justice” although the truth more likely will never lead to any real justice, simply people shaking their heads in disbelief.

Everyone Tells Prime Minister Gordon Brown To Shove It!

There must be nights when Prime Minister Gordon Brown wishes he had never heard of George Bush or the United States or Iraq, but, unfortunately, his nation has been tremendously impacted by events from the former colony. His Labor Party suffered overwhelming losses in local elections which most probably have resulted in the loss of over 300 seats while the opposing Conservative Party has gained at least 200. The British people have gradually come to the conclusion the Labor Party loused up by joining in the Iraq war, and then their nation was hammered by the American economic collapse. To add to the mess on his hands, Brown now confronts daily stories about members of Parliament who padded their expense accounts.

In the past few days, the Defense Secretary, the Transport Secretary, and the Employment Minister have all resigned. But, the latest blow came from Caroline Flint, European Minister who not only resigned but blasted Brown as anti-female. “I have the greatest respect for the women who have served as full ministers of Cabinet and for those who attend as and when required. However, few are allowed in your inner circle. Several of the women attending Cabinet –myself included– have been treated by you as little more than female window dressing. I am not willing to attend Cabinet in a peripheral capacity any longer.”

We have yet to hear from the cleaning women or any servants.

Tony Blair–Man In The Middle Of A Diplomatic Fiasco?

There must be moments in the life of Tony Blair when he wonders how in God’s name did he wind up attempting to deal with the madness of the Israel-Palestinian dilemma? He is the envoy of the Quartet composed of the United States, Russia, the EU and the UN who seek to mediate the conflict in the Middle East. Blair will be meeting with a committee of the British Parliament to discuss what he has or has not accomplished over the past two years. Blair has met with new Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who insists he wants peace but is undecided about an independent Palestine. He has met with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority which recently was engaged in a gun battle with Hamas forces that left six dead. We can say without fear of contradiction that Blair meets with a great number of people.

Israel and American relations have reached a new low because President Obama is committed to peace in the Middle East while Netanyahu is committed to maintaining the status quo–indefinitely, we presume. Blair has no power, he just wanders from place to place mumbling and talking and looking like he knows what he is doing. It reminds one of the man who actually believed George Bush knew something about WMD.

UK Confused About Afghanistan Role

Ever since former Prime Minister Tony Blair decided to be the lap dog of George Bush and push his nation into the disaster that became Iraq, the British government has been somewhat confused in determining what are the national interests of the United Kingdom and should they support the interests of the United States. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is apparently completely confused concerning his nation’s role in Afghanistan. On one hand, he believes even dispatching 2,500 additional troops is beyond the financial capacity of his nation, but, on the other hand he tells President Obama that Great Britain will do its job in Afghanistan. Britain’s most senior military officers are furious because there are insufficient troops in Afghanistan which results in the Americans failing to allow British input into strategy, given that American forces have the largest contingent of fighting forces.

General Sir Richard Dannatt, the head of the British army, made a public statement about his concerns. “Britain’s calculation has long been that maintaining military strategic partner-of-choice status with the United States offers a degree of influence and security that has been pivotal to our foreign and defense policy. But, this relationship can only be sustained if it is founded on a certain military credibility threshold.”

Of course, an alternative is to leave Afghanistan.

British Public, Jealous Lot, Snarls MP!

There are some among the British voting public who have rather weird ideas concerning their right to know what is happening in Parliament and how does their MP address their needs. Of course, this attitude is not shared by all members of Parliament. After all, they were elected to serve, and it is only fair that in return for this generous service on their part, the public should provide service to them in the form of money. Conservative MP, Anthony Steen, is upset about public demands to examine how money allocated to MPs for lodging should be subject to scrutiny by anyone other than the MP. He is furious at charges he misused $16,000 over a four year period on maintenance of his country estate, especially the 500 trees.

MP Steen charges the British public is simply “jealous” of his trees, “jealous,” he has a nice country home, and they have no right to snoop into his tax returns in order to find out how public money was spent. He is an MP for goodness sake, he would not abuse the public trust! It is at times such as these that one can only wonder why hard working men like Anthony Steen ever place their name on a ballot. Did the damn public expect him to take care of 500 trees? God Bless The Queen, and the money that goes with serving the public.

Are British Muslims Being Blackmailed?

The war on terror all too often provides excuses for forces of authority to justify coercion and intimidation to gain control over people. Five Muslim community workers charge MI5 resorted to blackmail in an effort to get them to become informers. They claim the choice was either work with us or face deportation, harassment or detention. Three of the men say they were detained at airports while on trips back home to visit family and then returned to the UK. MI5 agents interrogated them and offered the choice of working with security forces or facing the consequences. According to Adydarus Elmi, an agent named Katherine said: “if you do not want anything to happen to your family you will co-operate.”

Another Muslim community worker, Mohamed Nur, was told if he didn’t work with MI5 they would inform every airport where their plane flies that they are on the list of terrorists which would mean being detained, imprisoned and probably tortured.

At this point, there are claims by five Mulsim community workers and a lot of denial from authorities. The only solution at this point is for an independent investigation.

UK Laws Apply To Soldiers In Combat

A controversial decision by the Court of Appeals in the United Kingdom raised questions as to which rights are possessed by those who serve in the military in far off lands. The court ruled that Pte. Smith, who died while serving in Iraq, was protected by the same rights as those given to citizens of the United Kingdom. The Smith family solicitor, Jocelyn Cockburn, said: “we are absolutely delighted by the outcome which has the logical conclusion that like all citizens of the United Kingdom, soldiers have the protection set out under the Human Rights Act. This claim was disputed by the military which argued a soldier who is deployed no longer is covered by UK laws and procedures.

The case arose when a coroner who investigated the death of Smith, noted his death was caused by “a serious failure to recognize and take appropriate steps to address the difficulty he had in adjusting to the climate.” It is certainly an important decision because it recognizes the rights of those who serve and protects their rights even when they are engaged in combat.

Is it time for an American court to afford such protection to American soldiers?

British Flag Lowered In Iraq

Six years ago, British Prime Minister Tony Blair allowed himself to buy into the hysteria of George Bush and send thousands of UK soldiers into combat in Iraq in order to destroy WMD that never existed. Six years have passed during which terrorism has grown in power due to mistakes made by Blair and his American buddy. Iraq never posed any threat to world security by Blair played a role in creating large numbers of terrorists in Iraq and later in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Gordon Brown who played a role in the fatal decision to invade Iraq, hailed the closing of the venture by saying, “Today, Iraq is a success story… Our mission has not always been an easy one, many have said that we would fail.”

Gordon Brown never addressed the issue that he was part of a government which lied to the people of Great Britain and sent hundreds of men to their death based on lies. Iraq was never a threat to the UK and it is not yet clear whether Saddam Hussein could have been removed by other means. A lie can never end as being a success.