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Turk Female Activist Seeks Polygamy!

There are women who fight for equal rights with men, and there are women who fight for more equal rights for men. Sibel Oresin is a prominent consultant in Turkey for those having marital issues, and she is widely respected in conservative circles. Recently, Ms. Oresin has been arguing for introduction of laws which would allow polygamy for men. “A man looks for friendship, sexuality, motherhood, and good housekeeping qualities in a woman. Unless you possess these qualities, you ought to be ready to be cheated on.” Ms. Oresin argues that any wealthy man would insist on all of these qualities in a woman so why not beat him to the punch by informing hubby, a few more females are required in the household in order to keep him focused on the home, not on some floozy in a harem or wherever those kind of women are found. She is a strong supporter of more rights for men, and even makes clear, “If I were a man, I would be for polygamy.”

In reality, although it is against Turkish law, there presently exists examples of polygamy, marriages known as an “imam-wed-wife.” I guess Ms. Oresin has a point. Men certainly would love to fall in love with a woman possessing multiple qualities. However, in the modern world, it requires both man and woman working. So, how about “gender equality polygamy?” The modern woman has a right to marry a man who provides good sex, cooks, and cleans the house. As Ms. Oresin notes, “It’s written in the Quaran.”

Enough said.