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Darfur–Another Iraq Looming Ahead?

The legacy of George Bush continues haunting efforts to bring stabiliy to many areas of the world. His lies, incompetence, and bravado have transformed the United States into among the most distrusted nations in the world. Sudan officials claim their nation does not believe any statements made by American leaders. Former Foreign Minister Suliman Aba Salih, exclaimed: “The US says it is not against Islam, but it lies. If their policies do not change they will destroy Sudan politiically, diplomatically, and economically.” There is no question Sudan officials have been engaged in nonstop lying about the janjawed and their genocidal policies in Darfur. But, correspondingly, few nations now trust the word of George Bush.

There is growing concern the lack of a coherent political or military plan for handling the Darfur issue may result in an incremental process that would only create low scale and eventually high scale militant operations against a UN or African Union armed force. Chad rebels already are fighting against French forces and they have significantly destabilized the government of Chad.

It is one thing to dramatize the plight of the oppressed people of Darfur, but another to develop a plan of action that is feasible and will result in both stabillity for the people of that terrified nation, but move the region towards some resolution of existing problems.