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UN Chief Urges Dismantling Of Hizbullah

UN Secretary-General Ban ki-moon warned that Lebanon can not be a functioning government until Hizbullah is dismantled. “Hizbullah’s maintenance of separate military assets and infrastructure is a fundamental challenge to the government’s attempts to consolidate the sovereignty and authority of the Lebanese state,” according to Ban. he is concerned that several Palestinian militias continue to operate both inside and outside of refugee camps causing great concern to the government. He warned about the growth of sectarian violence which threatens to lead to further violence.

The governments of Syria and Lebanon on Wednesday signed an historic document which normalizes relations between the two states. Ban welcomed the agreement, but also wanted Syria and Lebanon to address issues like the presence of armed forces within Lebanon that pose a threat to the survival, not merely of the government, but to the very existence of the nation. As long as Hizbullah exists with its own army, there can not be a legitimate government in Lebanon.