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UN Envoy Shunned By Junta Meets Democracy Leader

The United Nation’s special envoy to Myanmar met detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi before wrapping up his latest trip to the military-ruled nation. The nation’s military junta leaders refused to meet with the UN representative. Ibrahim Gambari met twice with the leader of democratic forces in Burma but the chariman of the munta, Senior General Than Shwe refused to have anything to do with the envoy even though the purpose of his visit was to establish contacts with Burmese military leaders. The only person in the government who would speak with him was the regime’s information minister, Kyaw Hsan.

The only possible way to impact Burma’s military leaders is for China, India, and other southeastern nations to impose severe economic pressure in order to elicit some positive responses in moving toward a semblance of democracy in Myanmar. The UN is powerless at this point in time and nothing will change until certain countries change their policies toward Myanmar.