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The Horror Continues In The Congo

The world’s largest UN peacekeeping effort risks failing as more nations decide to withdraw their UN contingent that is stationed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Alan Doss, a top UN official in the Congo, said India is considering having its soldiers return home which would mean about one-fourth of UN forces would no longer be in the country. Six months ago, the UN asked other nations to send troops but there has not been a single offer of assistance. The reality is the present UN force is unable to do anything to halt the murder of people or the rape of women in the country. As the Congo’s economy collapses, partly due to war and partly due to a world wide drop in commodity prices, people are starving even as they try to survive against government and rebel forces that regard the riches of the Congo as rightfully their possession.

A major source of problems in the Congo is the behavior of its neighbors in Rwanda and Uganda from whence rebel forces migrate in search of the spoils available due to the ineffective government in the Congo. Of course, Congolese troops are also engaged in stealing, murder and rape. Cry the beloved people of the Congo, no one cares about your survival. Perhaps, if a large oil source were uncovered, American troops would head for the area and initiate a surge of force to defeat the rebels.

The Tragedy That Is The Congo

George Bush insisted there was a need to invade Iraq in order to further the forces of democracy, but not once has the American president looked at Africa where a great human tragedy has been unfolding in the Democratic Democratic Republic of the Congo. An
estimated four million people have died in the brutal jungles of that unfortunate land and the killing and raping and destruction go on and on. UN peacekeeping troops are pleading for help to deal with the latest outbreak of violence where forces from neighboring Rwanda have been fighting under the direction of a renegade general named Laurent Nkunda. The UN force of 17,000 troops is attempting to assist the poorly armed troops of the Congo government.

Nkunda claims he is fighting troops connected to the Hutu forces which fled Rwanda after their failed attempt to slaughter Tutsi people in that country. He now claims his goal is to “liberate” the Congo. The innocent people of the Congo are unprotected and furious and disheartened at fighting that goes on and on.

By the way, President Bush, have you once thought about the people of the Congo in your desire to spread democracy?