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New Axis Of Evil–US, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan,etc..

In China, a bullet is fired into the back of a neck to execute a person, in Iran, hanging is used, in Saudi Arabia, a head is chopped off– all techniques currently being used by nations which continue using he death penalty as a means of punishment. Ironically, the United States now finds itself in the same company with hated Iran as among the 25 odd nations in the world in which the death penalty is a norm of punishment. A UN initiative to institute a moratorium on use of the death penalty was first proposed by Italy’s Prime Minister Romano Prodi who was shocked at the botched execution of Saddam Hussein. The entire European Union is supporting the UN Moratorium as are most other nations in the world. The United States is now part of the anti-moratorium alliance since it continues using the death penalty. President Bush’s native Texas leads all American states in sanctioning death as a penalty. He, personally, opposed any efforts to hold off on any death sentence while governor of Texas.

The new “Axis of Evil” is a rather diverse group including dictatorships and democracies, but all share in common a desire to maintain using death as a punishment for crime even though there is absolutely no evidence such punishment reduces crime or the number of murders.