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Sarkozy Pushes For Cease Fire In Gaza

President Nicolas Sarkozy is leading international efforts to implement a cease fire in Gaza even as Israel soldiers move deeper into the Strip and Hamas rhetoric ever grows louder. While George Bush and Secretary of State Condi Rice remain secluded in Washington D.C.,. the French leader has spoken with Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak about how to end the horror that is unfolding in Gaza. Sarkozy made clear he would tell Israel Prime Minister Olmert to his face the bombing and violence must end right now. “The guns must grow silent, there must be a humanitarian truce. Everyone must understand that what is at stake is not just and issue of Palestinians and Israel, it is a global issue and it is the whole world which will help you find a solution.”

Turkey has offered to convey a Hamas proposal to the UN and Egypt has asked Hamas officials to visit Cairo to discuss the situation. Israel most probably will not accept a cease fire unless the international community is prepared to enforce a cease fire and the end to rocket attacks from Gaza. If Hamas refuses to accept such an outcome, then the world community must end all assistance to Hamas and urge Palestinians to reject that organization.

There are reports that Arab nations will propose a four point agenda:

Halt smuggling of arms into Gaza.

Provide funding to allow Egypt to monitor the Gaza border.

Reopen all border crossings into Gaza.

International monitoring of Gaza to ensure peace.