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UN Body Seeks To Ban Criticism Of Religion!

The United Nations human rights group decided in the name of human rights to make it against human rights for anyone to insult a religion. Support for this proposal came strongly from nations of the Muslim world who resent criticism of their religion like the infamous Danish cartoons. The resolution urges states to provide “protection against acts of hatred, discrimination, intimidation and coercion resulting from defamation of religions and incitements to religious hatred in general.” Muslim nations want their religion to be protected against criticism in the media. India’s UN ambassador said it was inappropriate to link religious criticism with racism.

One can only wonder how this resolution impacts the continued attack on the Jewish religion by Muslim media and public officials. Will they be arresting individuals like the Ayatollah Khamenei and other such religious leaders who make negative remarks about Jews?

Hey Matey–We’re After Pirates Of Somalia

American sailors will soon be standing on the deck of ships whose sails will billow in the wind while the sabres are drawn and landing hooks prepared to assault pirates lurking below in swift boats. The UN has passed a resolution allowing intensive military action against Somalia pirates who pushed the envelope of piracy a bit too much. Vice Admiral Bill Gortney is prepared for action. “We’re going to aggressively go after these pirates” once the legal system of courts centered in Kenya are ready to go in prosecuting the daring Somalians. Gortney noted there is still uncertainty regarding the rules of engagement and are there limits as to the power to be used in destroying the pirates.

Up to this point the international community has been uncertain as to what could be done to end piracy. The UN resolution apparently authorizes attacking pirates both on sea as well as on land and this could result in destruction of their home bases. An interesting problem is where are captured pirates kept while waiting for trial?

Hopefully, a war against pirates will not entail the Bush fiasco of establishing a gulag to hold those deemed enemies of the state.

Iran Human Rights Defense Is Going On Attack

The cleric dominated government of Iran is among the world’s worst offenders of female rights and allowing fundamental opportunities for government opponents to freely express their views. Just about every month people are executed on the basis of limited evidence they are “spies.” After Canada dared to suggest the United Nations pass a resolution condemning the Iran government of violating human rights, the clerics rose to the challenge by employing an aggressive offense instead of dealing with the charges. Iran charged Canada was a hypocritical nation because of widespread abuse of its native Indian population. The proposed Canadian resolution dealt with repressing female rights, stoning to death women, executions of juveniles, discrimination against minorities such as members of the Bahai faith, and restrictions on freely practicing religious beliefs that differed with the Muslim faith.

Yes, there is discrimination against indigenous people in Canada, but the government is working to deal with those abuses. It is one thing to discuss issues of discrimination, it is another when women are stoned to death on grounds they committed adultery.

Gaza-Confusion At Border-And In UN

Egytpian troops continue establishing a semblance of order in the tumultous area around its border with Gaza. The huge crowds that tore through openings in the fence a few days ago in order to secure goods are no longer present, but Egypt is still furious that over two dozen of its soldiers were injured in the melee. The Palestinian Aurhority has made it clear to Hamas there would be no assistance until Hamas relinquishes control over Gaza that it assumed several months ago. President Abbas met with Israel Prime Minister Olmert about the issue and both are in accord there will be no compromise with Hamas.

At the United Nations, a Syrian proposal to condemn Israel for its actions in Gaza has been replaced by one which not only condemns Israel but calls for an end to Kassam rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas and other militants. Syria and Qatar refuse to go along with the new proposal even though most members of the Arab League have agreed to come out against attacks on Israel.

The interesting aspect of these developments is a new sense of realism among most members of the Arab League. They seek some form of accomodation with Israel and are tired of the ongoing refusal on the part of Hamas to end violence. This is the perfect time for the Israel government to make a dramatic announcement such as being willing to withdraw from West Bank settlements. In the meantime, there is need for a UN force to control Gaza. This blog believes the force should be drawn from Muslim nations like Turkey or Morocco or Egypt.