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Burma Thug Rulers Seek Refuge In Victimhood!

The military rulers of Myanmar insist they have been doing a terrific job of ruling their nation but imposition of sanctions by the UN has created serious economic problems. Despite the fact the UN has only recently become directly involved in trying to aid the Burmese people, military rulers claim the UN sanctions are “immoral and unfair” and the cause of poverty in the country. The “Friends of the Secretary General on Myanmar” want the military junta to comply with UN requests for a democratic opening that would allow all parties to participate in elections and the freeing of opposition leaders. Foreign Minister Nyan Win, responded that Myanmar would be a bread basket to the region and offer plentiful energy supplies if only the UN would end sanctions.

A first step in the move toward democracy by the military junta would be freeing opposition leader, Aung San Auu Kyi and allowing freedom of the press and speech. Unfortunately, the junta definition of what constitutes “democracy” has no relation to the reality of democracy. Unfortunately, there is scant prospect of the junta bending and allowing more democracy.