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Iran Rhetoric Escalates

Iran’s top military commander, General Mohammad Ali Jaafari, who heads the Revolutionarty Guards, warned of of retaliation against American military bases in the Gulf region which are located in Arab nations. He told Al-Jazeera that if Iran is attacked it is our “natural right to respond” and it will happen. He admitted such an attack would have serious consequences for Arabs since there are American bases on their terrritory. Meanwhile, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mottaki, warned the UN Security Council of “serious and l ogical consequences” if new sanctions are imposed. He promised to reveal the nature of those consequnces in the coming days.

A proud nation like Iran is almost psychologically required to demonstrate a sense of being able to handle any situation. Unfortunately, Iran’s leaders sometimes do not realize their nation lacks the military capacity to handle modern attacks by heavily armed adversaries. The only nation which has invaded Iran in recent times was Saddam Hussein’s army. American military weapons are somewhat more sophisticated than those of Saddam’s forces. It is time to tone down the rhetoric of defiance and be defiant in a quieter tone of voice.