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UN Congo Offense Human Disaster!

The American and European governments are focused on “defeating” terrorism in the world on the assumption the presence of individuals who commit suicide and kill innocent civilians is not acceptable in the modern world. Of course, in Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been engaged in a civil war that has resulted in the death of millions as well as the rape of over a hundred thousand women. For some reason, the death of five million black skinned people who are trying to cope with terrorism on a scale not witnessed in Iraq or Afghanistan is of slight interest to the world. A meager force of a few thousand UN troops recently launched an offense in the Congo to disarm a Hutu rebel group. They finally persuaded about 1,071 to surrender and lay down their arms.

However, this offense also resulted in the death of 1,000 civilians, the rape of 7,000 women and the displacement of over 700,000 people from their homes. UN forces lack the numbers or equipment to accomplish anything related to peace in that nation. One wonders how many thousands of American soldiers would be dispatched to an area in which a few dozen American women were raped. Too little, too late, and not too much concern for the people of the Congo.