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Glaciers Melting Despite Bush Denial Of Global Warming

George Bush’s “science advisers” have continually insisted global warming is simply another liberal effort to frighten people into foolish actions such as placing restrictions on the right of business to pollute the world. A new United Nations study has found that glaciers around the globe are shrinking faster than ever before. The consequences of such a melting process means within decades — not hundreds of years–bilions of people will confront the reality of insufficient water to meet their daily needs for survival. Achim Steiner, executive director of the United Nations Environment Program, says glacier melt is the “canary in the climate change coal mine. It is absolutely essential that everyone sits up and take notice.”

The UNEP has tracked at least 30 major glaciers across the globe and found dramatic changes and the process of melting is accelerating. Betweeen 1980 to 1999, glacier thickness declined an average of 0.3 meters a year, but in the past few years it is now 0.5 meters. Naysayers may insist the melting process has nothing to do with pollution and is simply a normal process. Regardless, glaciers are melting and by mid-century untold millions will confront life-threatening issues related to lack of water. This is not an issue that can put aside for a few years, it is of utmost importance for human survival.