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UN Watch Urges UNHRC To Reject Arab League Charter

The UN Watch, which is associated with the American Jewish Committee, urged the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, to clearify a recent endorsement of the Arab Charter of Human Rights because it “contains several provisions that promote classically anti-Semitic themes.” For example, it contains a sentence which states, “rejecting all forms of racism, Zionism and foeign occupation and domination constitute an impediment to human dignity.. such practices must be condemned and efforts must be deployed for their elimination.” The Arab charter supposedly serves as the basis for guiding how Arab nations will behave.

Perhaps, if Arab nations actually implemented human rights within their own societies it might be the first step towards establishing peaceful relations with Israel. The nation of Israel has made mistakes and has abused human rights regarding Palestinians, but overall it remains the most democratic society in the Middle East. Arab nations simply lack credibility in discussing human rights until they first ensure their own people enjoy such freedoms. It is unfortunate that a UN body would go along with blatant anti-semitism and ignore those making the statements are the embodiment of dictatorial rule and abuse of human rights.