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UN Accuses America Of Neglecting Homeless

The American people elected a man to the office of president who posed as one concerned about the needs of ordinary folk unlike George Bush who believed the president’s first duty was to the rich and powerful. A UN investigator who was prevented from visiting America by the Bush administration has accused the United States of pouring billions of dollars into rescuing banks and big business while neglecting the needs of those who even lack a place to sleep at night. Raquel Rolnik said in no uncertain terms: “The housing crisis is invisible for many in the US. I learned through this visit that real affordable housing and poverty is something that hasn’t been dealt with as an issue…. I think those whoa re suffering the most in this whole situation are the very poor. the low income people.”

Perhaps, another visit would make even clearer to the world that Ivy League led America under Barack Obama is more concerned about banks than those who lack jobs. No serious effort has been made by the Obama administration to address issues of unemployment or under-employment. Unfortunately, for Obama, those without jobs will express their anger in the coming elections of 2010. Beware the ideas of November, Mr. President!

Yes, There Was Fraud In Afghanistan Admits UN

After forcing Peter Galbraith to resign from the UN mission in Afghanistan due to his claims there was fraud in the recent Afghanistan election, his superior, Kai Eide admitted there had been fraud. He agreed there had been”widespread fraud” but denied claims by Galbraith that he had attempted to cover up actions by President Karzai to steal the election. For some reason, he continues to insist that Galbraith’s claim had “affected the entire election process.” HUH?

Galbraith had urged closing dozens of voting polling stations which were located in areas subject to Taliban influence because few would vote. Eide refused and those polling stations produced hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes for Karzai. Now, Eide claims he could not close the stations because to do so would violate democracy.

Turkish Women Left Behind

Although Turkey has a growing modern economy and a first class education system, the situation of women in society continues to deteriorate. On the UNDP’s Human Development Index, the role of women has dropped Turkey to lower levels on the index. It ranked 101 out of 109 nations in the Gender Empowerment Measure. There are many areas in Turkey where women are not obtaining educational opportunities, not receiving support in care if children, and the presence of women in key business, government or educational roles leaves much to be desired. Half of Turkey is being run without any female member of a local council.

The times they are a’changing and it is time for Turkey to change the times for women.

Checkmate On Iranian Nuclear Program

The election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president of Iran was simply one more burden to confront on negotiations to resolve the nuclear development issue between the UN and Iran. Un nuclear watchdog, Mohamed El Baradei, admits the Iranian government made two efforts to be more cooperative such as allowing inspectors access to a heavy water nuclear reactor at Arak and agreeing to improve monitoring at the uranium enrichment plant at Natanz. However, “on all other issues relevant to Iran’s nuclear program, there is a stalemate. Iran has not suspended its enrichment-related activities or its work on heavy water-related projects as required by the Security Council.”

So, where does that leave the world. If Iran pursues a nuclear development program there is a strong likelihood other nations will argue they also have a right to do as they wish regarding nuclear weapons. This would be a disaster for the world.


The last Australian troops have left Iraq, the last British troops are leaving Iraq and the result is an American presence alongside Iraqi forces. George Bush I went to great efforts to organize a coalition of many nations in preparation for the invasion of Iraq during the Gulf War, but his son was so intent on having a war, that organization and coalition building were thrown aside. Sorry, he did persuade a few hundred Estonian or Hungarian or Italian troops to hitch their wagons to the American team, but as realization grew in other nations that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld had lied about the infamous WMD, they soon wanted their soldiers back home.

History is always filled with “if” suggesting other course of action could have been pursued in Iraq. The debacle of terrorism being strengthened due to Bush actions might never have occurred if caution and honest coalition building had been the focus of American foreign policy in Iraq. There are signs President Obama is concerned about the importance of getting other nations involved in securing solutions to problems.

UN Chief Praises Burma Thugs Who Run Nation!!

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon unleashed a storm of anger from critics who wanted him to take a strong stand while in Burma in support of democracy and freedom for imprisoned leader Aung San Suu Kyi. On arrival in Burma, the UN leader told head thug of the military junta which brutally rules the nation, ‘I appreciate your commitment to moving your country forward.” Huh! Forward where? Opposition leaders are in jail where many are tortured, the people of Burma suffer from both lack of food and lack of freedom. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated bluntly what must be done by the United Nations in regard to Burma. “Only agreement to release all political prisoners (and) start a genuine dialogue with the opposition and ethnic groups will give any credibility to the elections in 2010.”

The reality of this movement “forward” was refusal by the Junta to allow Ban to meet with Suu Kyi in prison and silence as regards freeing any political prisoners. The world waits expectantly for the UN Secretary General to tell us about the “forward” movement in Burma.

What’s Going On In North Korea?

A few weeks ago the United Nations Security Council imposed further sanctions on North Korea after it tested long range missiles and boasted of pursuing its nuclear weapon program. Yesterday, North Korea fired a host of short range missiles which are part of its ground to missile program. The reality is no one knows for certain what is happening in North Korea since lack of contacts with government officials or military leadership results in a vast array of guessing by so called “experts.” The reality is Western nations, and that includes the UN Security Council, lack leverage on the paranoid rulers of North Korea who spend their time inventing threats to their nation.

The only trump card remaining to the world lies in the hand of China. North Korea depends on Chinese economic assistance to maintain its society. China is trapped in a dilemma. It could bring down the regime of North Korea by halting further aid, but, in so doing, it might unleash the prospect of millions of people crossing over from North Korea as they flee starvation and chaos. Hopefully, there is an middle point at which China can impose sanctions that force North Korean change without resulting in chaos and anarchy. Th ball is in the court of China.

Israel Blasts UN Report On Gaza

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations blasted a report by UN Humanitarian Affairs chief, John Holmes which sharply criticized actions in Gaza that resulted in the death of hundreds of Gaaza civilians. Gabriela Shaley charged the report was biased and ignored the fact thousands of rockets had been fired into Israel from Gaza. “The report completely ignores the context in which Israel’s defensive actions were taken.” A defensive tone increasingly characterizes Israel’s respond to any critical comments directed toward its government. The Netanyahu government has still to grasp that George Bush no longer is in charge of American foreign policy and there is no one in the American government who automatically supports any action on the part of Israel.

A defensive tone will only go so far. The Obama administration is taking a proactive stance toward the Palestinian-Israel conflict. It waits in vain for a proactive stance from Netanyahu who believes whatever Israel has done in the past can not be changed. The American Congress which has completely supported Israel for decades is now asking questions and demanding changes not cosmetic smoothing over of West Bank policy. The world awaits a proactive Israel statement on foreign policy which outlines concrete steps to curtail West Bank building and lift the embargo in Gaza which only serves to strengthen Hamas, not damage its power.

It is time for Israel to look forward and cease returning to the past to justify every violation of human rights.

North Korea –The Mouth That Roared

North Korea most probably can send an atom bomb in the direction of South Korea or Japan and inflict massive damage. Its army can move over the border and do extensive damage to the nation of South Korea. However, it can not win a war and in the process of initiating one will cause incredible damage, if not destruction, of its own country. Kim Jong Il, leader of the most secretive society in the world, told his military they are doing a wonderful job and should be prepared for action if it is necessary. The UN Security Council has ordered an almost total embargo and strict financial sanctions against North Korea. Pyongyang responded by blaming the “vile product” of American policy as the cause of its problems, and said it was now in the “early phase of all-out confrontation with the US.”

Yes, We Kill Civilians, But You Have No Right To Say So

The election of Barack Obama raised hopes there would be a new willingness on the part of the American government to confront its mistakes and engage in dialogue rather than pretending there never are mistakes. Philip Alston, the UN Human Rights Council’s special investigator on illegal killings charged American forces in Afghanistan were not addressing issues of the deaths of innocent civilians. The Obama administration is not refuting his charges, but they claim he has no right to make such accusations. “We do not believe that military and intelligence operations during armed conflict fall within the special rapporteur’s mandate.”

The issue is not whether Philip or John or Harry has a mandate to investigate deaths of innocent people, the issue is are such killings taking place and are those responsible being properly punished. What the heck has happened to Barack Obama??