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Finland Fails Educated Immigrants

Finland has welcomed immigrants from many parts of the world and offered them opportunities to partake of a wonderful education system, but there is increasing evidence beneath the veneer of open arms lies still lingering bigotry. Abdoulmajid Hakki is proud his adopted land gave him a world class education, but it required over 500 applications before he could secure employment. “Society here seems to devote far too much of its resources to educating foreigners and far too little to employing them.” There is something perversely stupid in providing excellent education to a newcomer and then displaying bigotry by not hiring the individual.

Finland’s unemployment rate among minorities stands at over 20% which is the highest in any OECD nation. Most European nations are in desperate need of immigrants due to falling birth rates which leave too few hands to do too much work. It is time for Finland to open the doors of jobs as wide as it has opened its heart to refugees.