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Turkish Headscarf Fight Continues

Even as President Gul of Turkey signed a change in the nation’s Constitution that will allow students at universities to enjoy freedom to wear clothes — a change designed to end the ban against women wearing the headscarf– university leaders indicated their resolve to fight against the change. According to Erdogan Tezic, former head of the Higher Education Board, “No judicial change took effect….the ban on religious(head-gear) will continue.” Although the newly changed Article 10 gives freedom to dress at universities, Article 17 is still in effect and that part of the Constitution says one can dress as one desires, provided that dress does not violate existing law. The existing law still bans wearing the headscarf.

For those in other nations, the entire matter appears somewhat exaggerated in importance although secularists in Turkey fear the change is merely an opening step to force females in lower grades of school to adopt the headscarf. That is a definite real concern which must be addressed. How can a reasonable policy be created which protects both secular and religious rights is the question.